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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject RE: My last advance notice regarding Big Sur (was: What we should do now)
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2021 07:17:34 GMT

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> From: Dave Fisher [] 
> Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2020 8:17 PM
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> Subject: Re: My last advance notice regarding Big Sur (was: 
> What we should do now)
> Please stop calling 4.1.9 a patch. 

Yes, all right

> It is a release which has 
> fixes including the one for the BigSur issue. We are 
> following the same process we did for 4.1.8 which was 
> released less than two months ago. That release took about a 
> month to work through all issues in the RCs.

> This community effort to do a release shortly after the prior 
> is an impressive accomplishment for the project. Consider 
> that we have released about a year or two apart the last 
> several years.

I think that eliminating one's own mistakes is a matter of course that does not need many

> The proposed language for the blog post exists on the cwiki. 
> Have you looked at it? 

Of course I took a look at it, because I was thrilled by Peter's quick response to my inquiry.

> I think that there is consensus to publish the blog post by Monday.

That would have been nice, but again nothing happened. Or am I overlooking the publication
of the blog post?

In any case, there is already a new request from an affected user in our forum?
How long do we want to leave our users without information?

> After that it will be time to start preparing 4.1.9 release notes.
> Have you informed your users about Jim’s test build? Testing 
> sooner allows releasing sooner.

I didn't do that after Peter accused me of writing "toxic mail" and I had to fear that any
unauthorized publication of information would be interpreted negatively.

I will make up for it immediately, trusting that this will not be interpreted negagtiv.


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