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From Dominique de Vito <ddv36...@yahoo.fr>
Subject using annotations for binding between XML/Java elements
Date Sat, 02 May 2009 13:06:19 GMT


I re-post here some ideas about annotations with Pivot; I have already written about those
ideas in http://java.dzone.com/news/building-simple-rss-client - a RSS example.

Greg Brown mentionned in his RSS example the startup() method including the following instructions:

WTKXSerializer wtkxSerializer = ..
window = ...
feedListView = (ListView)  wtkxSerializer.getObjectByName(...);
final CardPane cardPane = (CardPane) wtkxSerializer.getObjectByName(...);
final Label statusLabel = (Label) wtkxSerializer.getObjectByName(...);

Here, 'window' and 'feedListView' are class fields. And 'cardPane' and 'statusLabel' are method-scoped
variables. These fields and variables are assignated explicitly while fetching the corresponding
XML element's value.

While reading these instructions, I have first thought about an implicit binding, that is,
about something like (with appropriate setter definitions) :

private WTKXSerializer wtkxSerializer;

private Window window = null;
private ListView feedListView;

private CardPane cardPane;
private Label statusLabel;

Here, all these Java elements are Java fields.

I thought, if the 'Application' class lifecycle/method chain call enables it, annotations
could be used to bind XML elements/Java fields, before the call of the startup() method. Then,
according to annotations, all the assignments above could be done automatically, following
annotation directives.

It's a first sketch. I am not fully happy with it.

I just feel annoyed needing to expose setter methods for all possible fields to be assigned,
while I just need them only here for initialization! So, I don't feel fully happy with the
way constructors/DI works today. 

So, nowadays, I am looking deeper into DI internal details in order to see how to mix annotation+DI
without exposing too much about the object internals (I just feel property-DI break unfortunately
OO encapsulation).

Another interesting topic is: does Pivot need a specific binding annotation set, or is it
possible re-use the annotation set of some library (like JiBX or Castor)?

Any comment/idea about Pivot with annotations ?



PS : for those interested, I have mentionned Pivot into 2 of my posts.

Swing browsers - other interesting DSL Swing projects to follow

HotJava may come back, due to existing, or coming, components, like JWebPane


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