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From Christopher Brind <bri...@brindy.org.uk>
Subject Re: Query handling multiple response headers with same name
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 16:31:08 GMT
.net? Heresy! :)

Since we're in Java land we should go with Java speak imho. That said,
header and parameter are also in the http rfc vocabulary I believe,
but would have to check.

Will hold off for more responses before making changes.


On 22/05/2009, Greg Brown <gkbrown@mac.com> wrote:
>>Just a thought, but the same thing technically applies to request headers
>>(aka RequestProperties) and request parameters (aka Arguments) as well,
>> i.e.
>>it's perfectly valid to have multiple values for the same name...
> True. Dictionary#get() can only return a single type, so
> ResponsePropertiesDictionary has to implement Dictionary<String,
> ImmutableList<String>>. However, put() can support overloads. We could
> potentially add put(String, Sequence<String>) methods to ArgumentsDictionary
> and RequestPropertiesDictionary to support this feature.
>>In fact - I think the names of these classes are misleading - why not just
>>stick with what people are generally used to?
>>ResponseProperties should really really ResponseHeaders
>>RequestProperties should really be RequestHeaders
>>Arguments should really be RequestParameters
> The names are consistent with their .NET equivalents, as I recall. I find
> the naming to be fairly intuitive, but I'm not opposed to changing it. What
> do others think?

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