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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DigestAuthentication starts to work
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 15:51:49 GMT
Hi Greg,

> FYI, I just checked in an update that adds the getStatus() and getMethod() methods to
Ok, I'll synchronize as soon as possible, and re-apply my
modifications on my local copy (if required now), and I'll tell you if
some other modify is required.
Next week I'll tell you something, I hope to have the final version of
my new sources.

> I also cleaned up the web project a bit - when we merged the test projects into the main
projects a while back, the Eclipse configuration for that one was never updated and the test
code was never getting built. Now it is working again.
Yes, i found some errors in the original test case found there
(WebQueryTestClientBasic.java), I hope now they are solved. I made
this test as a starting point for my work on the other type of
authentication, and in the mid-term to migrate tests to JUnit 4 , this
could be a sample.

Ah, have you commit there my WebQueryTestClientBasic.java , for JUnit
4 Tests of Basic Authentication to an Apache server on localhost ? If
not, take a look at latest version and required files, in attach
inside the zip. If right, i could close the issue related to the
ByteArraySerializer for the 1.2 release.
Inside there is also my patched version of BinarySerializer (with
added closing of inner stream objects, and not parameter streams),
feel free to drop this patch.

Sorry, one last question, could it be useful a Pivot Component for a
standard (Modal) Dialog Box for handling Username / Password (and
maybe Realm as a Label, or as a drop-down list like in Domain logon) ?
And let application use it when desired, but without forcing its usage

What do you think ?

Thanks again, and for today is all.


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