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From Todd Volkert <tvolk...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Pivot 1.2 RC2
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 17:22:42 GMT
> - ant tasks: ant, ant clean, ant doc
> I've seen that the doc task is not dependent to a build task like package,
> so running an ant clean and then ant doc generates nothing of JavaDoc
> files.
> After fixing it, i got 2 Javadoc errors, and no files are generated:
>  [javadoc] javadoc: error - Illegal package name: "src=' + gaJsHost +
> google-analytics.com/ga.js'"
>  [javadoc] javadoc: error - Illegal package name:
> "type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E));
> I've seen that ant install cleans the doc subdirectory,
> then the docs subdirectory under install/apache-pivot-1.2-incubating
> is empty too,
> so it isn't put inside the generated zip and tar.gz

Weird - the doc target works fine for me, otherwise I wouldn't have been
able to generate the artifacts.  It generates the docs under the "doc"
folder, and the Google Analytics code shouldn't show up as doc errors.  What
OS, JDK, and Ant version are you using?

Target demos is not dependent on a build task (or for example from
> tutorials),
> while the Tutorials task is Ok.
> Target demos-package depends on build instead of demos.

Good catch.  I've fixed this on the trunk, but I agree that this is minor.

> - ant tasks: ant dist is Ok. ant install
> - ant tasks: ant install
>  As seen in the ant doc, the doc is not generated, so it isn't copied
> inside the install/doc and then zipped

Yeah, if the doc target doesn't work properly for you, then the install
target won't either, but the source of this problem is the doc target. \

- and the two stax jars aren't copied to the lib subdir, so i have to
> copy into the lib

The stax jars that are checked into SVN are the modified versions, so
there's no need to package anything in the "package" target, and that's why
they're not packaged into the lib folder in the package target.  They're
simply copied to the install lib folder in the install target.

> I have to copy inside the lib dir also the pivot-tutorials.jar and
> pivot-demos.jar, generated from source distribution, is this ok ?

Yeah, we've consciously chosen for the 1.1 and this release to exclude the
tutorials and demos jars from the binary distribution.  We plan to include
these in later releases, but only after we have a better way to provide them
(like a set of HTML files with an index file that the user can open in their
browser to see the demos easily).

> And
> also the pivot-wtk.obsidian.jar is missing from there, again is it ok
> ?

Yeah, this theme is only a proof of concept for theming and is not nearly
ready for prime-time yet, so it's not included in the binary distribution.

> Only one question, on  our custom StAX distribution: isn't it dangerous ?
> This isn't a real problem, but if someone use/has to use the original
> StAX jar what can happen ?

It's not dangerous - it's a performance optimization that's documented in
the README file.  If the user uses a different stax implementation, they'll
get correct behavior but may get unnecessary codebase lookups.  See the
README for more info.

A hint:
> why not put inside zip/tar.gz also a sample script (.bat and .sh) to
> run some tutorials and demos from generated jars in a simple way ?

Yeah, we may do this at the same time we add the HTML files such that we can
deploy those jars with our release with the appropriate context.  This'll be
for a future release.

Thanks for the thorough review Sandro!

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