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From Greg Brown <gkbr...@mac.com>
Subject Upload Apache Pivot artifacts to central repository
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:38:13 GMT
Hi all,

Apache Pivot is preparing for graduation, and we would like to upload our next set of release
artifacts to the central Maven repository. We don't currently use Maven as a build tool, so
I have been trying to follow the manual upload instructions listed here:


There is a section at the bottom that is meant to explain how to create an appropriate POM
file, but it does not appear to be complete:


I have created some POMs that I think should work, but it would be very helpful if someone
with a knowledgeable eye could take a quick look to make sure that they contain the correct
information, are structured properly, etc. There is a root POM in the trunk, and a POM in
each project-specific subdirectory that we plan to publish to the repository (note that these
files refer to the anticipated future name and location of the project, as opposed to its
current Incubator name and location):


Based on the documentation I have read thus far, I assume that we'll want to place our compiled
JARs in a pivot/jars directory, and structure our POMs as follows:


I don't think we'll need to use the distributions directory, and I assume that the licenses
directory should simply contain a copy of our main LICENSE file. Is this all correct?

Also, one of our mentors, Martijn Dashorst, suggested that there might be a top-level ASF
POM that the root Pivot POM could extend (rather than duplicating the ASF info). If so, could
you point us to it?

Thanks - your assistance is very much appreciated!

Greg Brown
Apache Pivot

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