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From Sandro Martini <sandro.mart...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Inject properties in Application
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 14:13:54 GMT
Hi all, no comments ?


2013/10/8 Sandro Martini <sandro.martini@gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> ok, I'll try to better explain my requirements here, if it's not
> enough clear tell me :-) ...
> As starting point, look here:
> http://svn.codespot.com/a/apache-extras.org/pivot-stuff/trunk/pivot-stuff-common-groovy/test/pivot_stuff/common_groovy/
> all .gsh files are Groovy Scripts (they could be .groovy, but I rename
> to .gsh to be more clear that they are scripts), and they use some
> Groovy code (in some case inside the script, in others external in
> .groovy classes just for convenience).
> And of course Groovy code there extends Pivot Java code ...
> To run examples you can find Windows batch files here:
> http://svn.codespot.com/a/apache-extras.org/pivot-stuff/trunk/pivot-stuff-common-groovy/_scripts/
> The concept is similar to this:
> http://groovy.codehaus.org/Scripts+and+Classes
> Use Case 1:
> a Groovy/Java/Scala/etc application that executes a script, for simple
> (or user-written) things ... but for this probably all is ok (no
> changes required).
> Use Case 2:
> a Groovy (soon Scala) Script that calls Groovy/Java code, and in that
> script I could define variables/objects (like an external
> environment), and currently I'm not able to pass to the application
> unless I use some singleton trick.
> Generally speaking I don't like too much the all-singleton approach
> ... in a world evolving much more in multi-core/multi-thread (and
> hard-to-do-well and not-too-much-unnecessary-synchronization) this is
> a good reason to me.
> But if for all us this is enough I can live with it :-) ...
> This is a field where I'd like to push Pivot:
> http://www.reactivemanifesto.org/
> but could be for a long-term roadmap ... I'll post some idea later on
> this (many of us know that I'm a big fan of Scala and related
> products) because it's a big thing, and not strictly related to this.
>> I'm thinking that for 2.1 could be useful to have a way to inject data
>> inside Applications, for example have some variable (like a Classloader
>> and maybe others) in a script and inject (or even set by
>> hand) in the Application.
>> But of course this requires a little update in that API, like add a
>> method setExternalProperties(Map <String, Object> properties) or similar
>> ... and let Applications implement it if needed (or use the empty
>> version in Application.Adapter) ...
> in this way we could be able to define objects from "outside" and set
> in Pivot Application, but of course we should create an instance of
> Application (custom, or Application.Adappter), and then set in it all
> desired values.
>> Then, DesktopApplicationContext currently uses a Class instance of
>> Application (dynamically loading the class instance), so maybe we could
>> even add a method to get an Application instance already created ...
> Here we could add a startup flag that when given (not sure if it's the
> best way, I have to check this), the Application class instance is
> taken from the externalProperties Map (if found) and used instead of
> dynamically load it by name, so this small change should only be an
> addition, reusing existing methods.
> The problem here could be that Application instance should not be
> already started (but writing in JavaDoc should be enough) ... so the
> only other problem I see here could be a malicious injection from
> "outside" in Application, but I don't think this could be a real
> problem because it's up to the developer to use them.
> What do you think ?
> Bye,
> Sandro

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