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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: New commits for cleanup/refactoring
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2017 12:53:27 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

great to hear you are setup and ready to work :-)

We did recently change the driver manager to auto-connect without the need to connect …
please double check if your connect call is still needed.

I’ll checkout your changes in the java_generify branch right away.


Am 28.12.17, 13:26 schrieb "Sebastian Rühl" <>:

    Hi together,
    Is just pushed two commits to master:
     - Cleanup of Camel Component (Producer can’t use shutdown aware)
     - Bugfix: authenticated connection isn't connected by default (here a connect() call
was missing)
    I opened two Branches:
     - assertj_migration: Contains a small commit that switches PlcDriverManagerTest to assertj.
This was related to the issue 12 in the old Gitlab.
     - refactoring/java_generify: In this branch I introduced generics that avoid casting
at several places. The change is nonbreaking and the build is green.
    For the refactoring/java_generify I would be glad to receive some feedback and review
as the change is kinda extensive.
    Best Regards, Sebastian
    Ps: Small note: as theses a resyncs the commits contain my codecentric address. Newer
commits should then contain my apache-id (as this is working now :).

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