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From Łukasz Dywicki <>
Subject Re: ClassCastExcpetion Camel Component
Date Mon, 11 May 2020 13:31:01 GMT
Look where TagData class is defined. Under Karaf you can try:
package:exports | grep org.apache.plc4x.camel

I suspect that you have org.apache.plc4x.camel.TagData type defined in
two places at runtime. It causes a friction when you break boundaries
and use TagData from one source in another context.


On 11.05.2020 14:22, Etienne Robinet wrote:
> Hi Luskasz, 
> So this could be that the TagData class is in the blueprint bundle and the Camel bundle
? And that’s why this error is happening?
> Etienne
>> Le 11 mai 2020 à 14:06, Łukasz Dywicki <> a écrit :
>> Hey Etienne,
>> This problem is likely to happen if you have two implementations of EIP
>> driver at the same time. Java distinguish classes also by class laoder.
>> If you have the same class loaded from two different classloaders - then
>> you will experience troubles like "class A is not instance of A" as well
>> as "A can not be cast to A".
>> Good luck,
>> Łukasz
>>> On 11.05.2020 11:59, Etienne Robinet wrote:
>>> Hello guys,
>>> I've been trying to use the Scraper with the Camel component. I tried to run
a test code in Karaf but I get this error: 
>>> The TagData class is used to store the Alias, Query and Values of the tags we
want to read. In order to use it with the Scraper, I need a Map<String,String> with
the aliases and queries. So I added this static method: 
>>> And as you can see it fails at line 121. If anyone has a clue how to solve this,
it would be very helpful! :)
>>> Etienne

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