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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache PLC4X 0.7.0 RC2
Date Wed, 20 May 2020 06:08:29 GMT
+1 Binding


[OK] Download all staged artifacts under the url specified in the release vote email into
a directory we’ll now call download-dir.
[OK] Verify the signature is correct: Additional Apache tutorial on how to verify downloads
can be found here.
[OK] Check if the signature references an Apache email address.
[OK] Verify the SHA512 hashes:
[OK] Unzip the archive:
[OK] Verify the existence of LICENSE, NOTICE, README, RELEASE_NOTES files in the extracted
source bundle.
[OK] Verify the content of LICENSE, NOTICE, README, RELEASE_NOTES files in the extracted source
[OK] [RM] Verify the staged source README, RELEASE_NOTE files correspond to those in the extracted
source bundle.
[OK] [RM] Run RAT externally to ensure there are no surprises.
[OK] Search for SNAPSHOT references: Only found in commented out dependencies and disabled
parts of the project (Parts not yet deleted)
[OK] Search for Copyright references, and if they are in headers, make sure these files containing
them are mentioned in the LICENSE file: No findings in a bad form, however it seems some files
use other apache headers as others (Some files have apache headers containing the word "copyright"
but most don't)
[OK] Build the project according to the information in the file
[OK] [RM] Build the project with all with-xyz profiles and tests enabled and an empty maven
local repo: by appending -Dmaven.repo.local=../.m2.

I did notice a copy+paste error in the vote email ... the nexus repo is missing a "-" before
the last 4 digits.

Am 19.05.20, 23:19 schrieb "Otto Fowler" <>:

     +1 ( FWIW)

    Followed the validation steps, built on java 8

    On May 19, 2020 at 15:50:37, Lukas Ott ( wrote:

    +1 (binding)
    Download all staged artifacts - OK
    Verify the signature is correct - OK
    Verify the SHA512 hashes - OK
    Verify the existence and content of LICENSE, NOTICE, README, RELEASE_NOTES
    - OK
    Search for SNAPSHOT references - OK

    BUILD SUCCESS with: "mvn -P with-sandbox,with-dotnet install"

    OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    Java Version: openjdk version "11.0.7"
    Maven Version: Apache Maven 3.6.3
    dotnet Version: 3.1.202

    No additional findings - works for me

    Am Di., 19. Mai 2020 um 21:01 Uhr schrieb Christofer Dutz <>:

    > Apache PLC4X 0.7.0 has been staged under [2] and it’s time to vote
    > on accepting it for release. All Maven artifacts are available under [1].
    > Voting will be open for 72hr.
    > A minimum of 3 binding +1 votes and more binding +1 than binding -1
    > are required to pass.
    > Release tag: release/0.7.0
    > Hash for the release tag: a936a9fe1935470f6103f2dcde6d6608d99ddf73
    > Per [3] "Before voting +1 PMC members are required to download
    > the signed source code package, compile it as provided, and test
    > the resulting executable on their own platform, along with also
    > verifying that the package meets the requirements of the ASF policy
    > on releases."
    > You can achieve the above by following [4].
    > [ ] +1 accept (indicate what you validated - e.g. performed the non-RM
    > items in [4])
    > [ ] -1 reject (explanation required)
    > [1]
    > [2]
    > [3]
    > [4]

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