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From "Robinet, Etienne" <>
Subject Re: [Introduction] Christofer Dutz
Date Thu, 07 May 2020 10:56:05 GMT
Hi guys,
I'm Etienne, 24 years old (2 weeks until 25) and I'm currently studying
Computer Science with a focus on Industrial IT in Brussels. I'm in my last
semester and doing an Internship in Luxembourg, the country I live in,
where I have been assigned to work with PLC and monitoring data using
Open-source software. I really enjoy being part of this project and plan on
continuing even after my internship.
I initially studied 3 years in Luxembourg to become a teacher when I
decided to turn things around and follow my second option : IT (Maths,
Physics and IT were my main topics in highschool) . I decided to go abroad
to Brussel as most Luxembourgish students go there and I have already gone
there a few times. My father is an Engineer and studied material physics.
He has 2 sons, one likes maths, physics and computers and one hates all of
them. Guess I'm the first one.
I was born in Amiens, France and I'm french, but we moved to Luxembourg in
2000 when I was 5 so I have only a few memories left from my time in
France. I'm a big Gaming Enthusiast and have been playing video games since
I was a kid, but now I mainly play 1 game only. Beside that, I like
experimenting in my kitchen which will always make my girlfriend angry
because I don't clean up. I also like every kind of beer (almost) you can
find but my heart sticks to belgian beers and German "Helles" due to my
Erasmus I did in 2015 where I went to Munich for 6 months.
Or maybe my love for beers & cocktails comes from the fact that I have been
bartending for over 2 years along my studies (on the weekend) and I kind of
enjoy bars. Had to stop in January due to an unplanned but very loved
daughter I got on February which now fills my life with joy. Still looking
forward to when bars open again tho.


Le jeu. 7 mai 2020 à 12:32, Julian Feinauer <>
a écrit :

> Hey friends,
> first, thanks for starting this excellent initiaive (we should probably
> place the texts even on the "team" part oft he homepage).
> I am Julian, 32 years old, married to my lovely wide Constanze and have
> three kids (two of them know toddy personally and like him, the third is
> too small, yet).
> We live in Kirchheim which is about 40km south of Stuttgart and at the
> "Schwäbische Alb" a very nice and rural area.
> I studied math and I really am mathematician by heart. I did my PhD in an
> applied math project and worked (together with my fellow Tim) on lithium
> ion batteries for mobile applications at a Daimler. But I felt too young
> and dynamic to stay in a corporate, thus I started a company.
> We initially foused on data analysis and BI stuff but moved more and more
> to technical data and ended up in the "digitalization" or "Industrie 4.0"
> world. We joined the PLC4X project pretty early as we decided to abandon
> our home made stack to polish PLC4X for our purposes. Thus, we have it in
> production since way over a year now and have a lot of hands on experience
> (especially Tim). Thus, we often focus on "boring" things like scraper,
> pools and stability related stuff (like Netty) and do not so much implement
> new drivers (AB Ethernet we did together with Chris). But as we are really
> deep in the community and love it we do way more in the project then we
> would probably need for our business application, solely : )
> But generally speaking, you can always ping us with usage scenario
> questions (mostly Siemens S7) and integrations. Currently we see ourselves
> as the main maintainers oft he 0.6 branch at least until one can migrate
> safely and stable to 0.7 (when it will be out) as we have too much stuff in
> production nowadays to play games (Cesar may surely know what happens when
> stuff in production does not work as expected... : D).
> So, thanks all of you for making our little community so lovely and
> enyojable. I feel very happy tob e part o fit and to hang out with you
> guys. And we are really making an impact, more and more!
> Julian
> Am 07.05.20, 11:36 schrieb "Strljic, Matthias Milan" <
>     Hi,
>     I am a research assistant at the University of Stuttgart at the
> Institute of Control Engineering (ISW) and work there in the areas of
> communication/service concepts for automation systems and cloud
> manufacturing.
>     Among other things with projects like RetroNet I got in contact with
> several older automation protocols (ADS, S7, Profinet/bus..) and also more
> recent ones like OPC UA and their diversity despite the common goal. That's
> how I got to know Chris, Julian and the initial PLC4X crew :)
>     Before that I completed a study in software engineering. My main
> programming language would be Java, but I already had a lot of stacks in my
> hands (Javascript, C++, Python, Go, C#, Ada, PHP).
>     I like to sharpen knives and sometimes distil some schnapps. So if
> someone wants to forget a bug, you can choose between 40 - 80% alcohol
> content and 5 flavours ;) If Toddy leaves some.
>     At the moment I'm working on the OPC UA integration of Milo into PLC4J
> with the documentation (Pls Toddy stop hurting me! ) and a bridge server
> for the OPC UA representation of other protocols in an extra integrated OPC
> UA server. Our institute is quite experienced in TSN and OPC Companion
> specifications. Therefore I try to integrate the project into publicly
> funded research projects to make PLC4X more known and to support the
> community.
>     Greetings Matthias
>     ________________________________
>     Von: Christofer Dutz <>
>     Gesendet: Dienstag, 5. Mai 2020 13:23:42
>     An:
>     Betreff: [Introduction] Christofer Dutz
>     Hi all,
>     I have noticed that our tram has grown quite a bit in the last year
> and most of you I have never met personally.
>     We have been discussing a lot of things here on the list and on slack,
> but I only have little background on who you folks actually are.
>     So I would like to ask anyone interested to just introduce himself in
> this thread.
>     I’ll start:
>     My name is Christofer Dutz, I’m currently 42 years old and studied
> computer-science at the University of Darmstadt.
>     I’m the son of an Electro-Engineer and therefore already had contact
> with all of this automation stuff when I was a kid, but somehow lost
> contact when I discovered my interest in computers.
>     Being an IT guy living near Frankfurt (Germany) there is almost no
> chance to not work for Banks and Insurance companies. So I guess I’ve been
> working for about 12 different Banks and Insurance companies in the last 15
> years. I always like to compare working for a bank like asking Picasso to
> paint a portrait, but to have him wear a mental-institution restraining
> jacket and have him paint with a brush in his mouth. End of the first
> quarter of 2017 it was getting so unbearable for me, that I was thinking
> about giving up my profession as an IT specialist and even starting to
> learn something new. I was already looking for companies looking for an
> apprentice as carpenter, when I had another round of self-reflection. Even
> if I probably would have been good as a carpenter, I still love doing my
> job, just not for Banks and Insurance companies.
>     I was seeing the same with a lot of my colleagues.
>     It was that time that Industry 4.0 was everywhere … all the problems
> are easily addressable with open-source and a lot of the skills I have from
> the banking would have been a perfect match. So I had a look at what’s
> missing in this big picture and pretty quickly noticed the data-access
> problem is the biggest barrier and no solution being available or in sight.
>     Luckily at codecentric we have something called “Innovation budget”.
> Here if you’ve got an idea, you can pitch in some shark-tank-like session
> with the board and if they like it, you get the funds for doing that. My
> idea was to build a universal protocol adapter. From the beginning I said I
> want this to be a true open-source project at Apache. The benefit for
> codecentric would be to eliminate the barriers to offering IIoT solutions
> with our large set of professionals in all areas this involves. The board
> agreed and for the last 3,5 years I have been paid by codecentric to work
> on Apache PLC4X full-time.
>     Outside of the IT world, I love to do sports with others, so I’m
> usually in the gym in some workout and TaeBo courses about 3 times a week,
> I love snowboarding and everything that has anything to do with water.
>     Another huge passion of mine is melodic electronic music, so usually I
> travel around the Europe visiting different electronic music festivals.
>     I live in a town called Ober-Ramstadt together with my girlfriend
> Tanja, where we just moved into a house I inherited from my grandpa and
> which we renovated in 2 years of hard work … and still the work doesn’t end
> … so some-times I fall off the face of the earth for a few days cause I’m
> probably digging trenches for the foundation for some wall, or my
> rain-water system, or … or … or …. Guess the digging never stops.
>     Ok … so I hope this gives you a little impression on who I am and what
> drives me … it would make me happy to see some of you folks also introduce
> yourself. And I would even more love to have a beer with you (Or, as I’m a
> hessian … a big glass of apple wine) 😉
>     Chris

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