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From Lukas Ott <>
Subject Re: [Introduction] Christofer Dutz
Date Tue, 05 May 2020 16:01:50 GMT
My name is Lukas Ott, I’m currently 32 years old and studied information
systems at the University of Insbruck.
I’m the son of an Electro-Engineer and a Salesman and therefore already had
contact barcode scanners and CAD (cabeling of buildings) early on.

Being an engineer living near Frankfurt (Germany). I ll often travel to the
south of germany or whole Europe (e.g. North), to do all kind of Industry
4.0 stuff. I have a bachelor degree in industrial engineering but started
early on to go into CAD and PLM. During my Master degree in Innsbruck I
stumbled of Semantic Web and IoT and this is als my first contact with
Apache foundation (to be precise with Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta).
I was seeing the same with a lot of my colleagues (Some of them coming from
Berlin or Hamburg but still travel to the South of Germany a lot).

I am basically working for the realisation of the "Digital Factory" for
over 10 years now, coming from the PLM and Production Perspective. As a
Opensource "enthusiast" supporting several opensource projects like
Openshot and Blender, I was looking for a non-closed solution for machine
connectivity and stumbled by accident into the IoT lab of codecentric 1,5
year ago. Always wanted to beeing part of the Opensource community and
learn from each other in a more free way compared to the boundaries of our
daily jobs.

As i am not a developer and never studied "actual" computer science my
knowledge on programming comes from mostly came from learning on the job
and some basics during my industrial engineering phase (in C and C++ and
Bosch Rexroth PLC programming). My daily job is more business analysis
based. "I connect People, Processes and Machines" and this is also the
reason why I am privately working for PLC4X.

Ok … so I think you got an impression ... feel free to contact me
concerning all kinds of topics around Industrie 4.0 - :)


Am Di., 5. Mai 2020 um 13:25 Uhr schrieb Christofer Dutz <>:

> Our team ... not tram ;-)
> Am 05.05.20, 13:23 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:
>     Hi all,
>     I have noticed that our tram has grown quite a bit in the last year
> and most of you I have never met personally.
>     We have been discussing a lot of things here on the list and on slack,
> but I only have little background on who you folks actually are.
>     So I would like to ask anyone interested to just introduce himself in
> this thread.
>     I’ll start:
>     My name is Christofer Dutz, I’m currently 42 years old and studied
> computer-science at the University of Darmstadt.
>     I’m the son of an Electro-Engineer and therefore already had contact
> with all of this automation stuff when I was a kid, but somehow lost
> contact when I discovered my interest in computers.
>     Being an IT guy living near Frankfurt (Germany) there is almost no
> chance to not work for Banks and Insurance companies. So I guess I’ve been
> working for about 12 different Banks and Insurance companies in the last 15
> years. I always like to compare working for a bank like asking Picasso to
> paint a portrait, but to have him wear a mental-institution restraining
> jacket and have him paint with a brush in his mouth. End of the first
> quarter of 2017 it was getting so unbearable for me, that I was thinking
> about giving up my profession as an IT specialist and even starting to
> learn something new. I was already looking for companies looking for an
> apprentice as carpenter, when I had another round of self-reflection. Even
> if I probably would have been good as a carpenter, I still love doing my
> job, just not for Banks and Insurance companies.
>     I was seeing the same with a lot of my colleagues.
>     It was that time that Industry 4.0 was everywhere … all the problems
> are easily addressable with open-source and a lot of the skills I have from
> the banking would have been a perfect match. So I had a look at what’s
> missing in this big picture and pretty quickly noticed the data-access
> problem is the biggest barrier and no solution being available or in sight.
>     Luckily at codecentric we have something called “Innovation budget”.
> Here if you’ve got an idea, you can pitch in some shark-tank-like session
> with the board and if they like it, you get the funds for doing that. My
> idea was to build a universal protocol adapter. From the beginning I said I
> want this to be a true open-source project at Apache. The benefit for
> codecentric would be to eliminate the barriers to offering IIoT solutions
> with our large set of professionals in all areas this involves. The board
> agreed and for the last 3,5 years I have been paid by codecentric to work
> on Apache PLC4X full-time.
>     Outside of the IT world, I love to do sports with others, so I’m
> usually in the gym in some workout and TaeBo courses about 3 times a week,
> I love snowboarding and everything that has anything to do with water.
>     Another huge passion of mine is melodic electronic music, so usually I
> travel around the Europe visiting different electronic music festivals.
>     I live in a town called Ober-Ramstadt together with my girlfriend
> Tanja, where we just moved into a house I inherited from my grandpa and
> which we renovated in 2 years of hard work … and still the work doesn’t end
> … so some-times I fall off the face of the earth for a few days cause I’m
> probably digging trenches for the foundation for some wall, or my
> rain-water system, or … or … or …. Guess the digging never stops.
>     Ok … so I hope this gives you a little impression on who I am and what
> drives me … it would make me happy to see some of you folks also introduce
> yourself. And I would even more love to have a beer with you (Or, as I’m a
> hessian … a big glass of apple wine) 😉
>     Chris

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