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From Julian Feinauer <>
Subject Re: Add a list of companies using PLC4X without links back?
Date Mon, 04 May 2020 10:55:55 GMT

yes. So then, get it started. You get my logo for free : )


Am 04.05.20, 12:53 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:

    Hi all,

    yes I agree ... and I was currently just talking about companies "using" plc4x. As quite
often I am asked: "do people use PLC4X" and I usually say: "sure quite a lot, unfortunately
I can't tell you who" ... so if we had such a list, we would have something to refer to.

    And yes ... let's discuss "products and services" separately ... here always a vote on
the PLC should be required.


    Am 04.05.20, 12:30 schrieb "Strljic, Matthias Milan" <>:


        I would agree with Julian's position there and I think that this would further promote
acceptance in the industry.
        After all, the field of automation protocols is a rather delicate area in which trust
is an essential point.

        If this helps, I would also like to place my university institute or rather my employer
(my is such a big word :D ) as a user. But as Julian mentioned, I would only accept any entry
by PMC vote.




        Von: Julian Feinauer <>
        Gesendet: Donnerstag, 30. April 2020 21:49:25
        Betreff: Re: Add a list of companies using PLC4X without links back?


        I think we have to differentiate.
        If its just a "users" list or "powered by" list then its fine and PR is the way to

        Before we discussed about "companies that offer products / services around PLC4X"
which is a different thing. Here, I still am convinced that we should always do it via PMC
Vote to really ensure that no one "sneaks" in or someone is embarrassed that he is not on
the list or whatever.

        But I am +1 here (and would ofc place our logo there and get one or two of clients
of us that now run solutions powered by PLC4X)


        Am 30.04.20, 21:08 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:

            Hi folks,

            I like the mode the Airflow folks are doing it ...
            by not adding them manually, but only via PRs, I guess they are on the safe side.

            What do you think folks?
            Should we just create such a page?
            (I'm taking about the "who's using" list)

            If we had some use-cases or success-stories, I'd also like to have something like
that, but not sure if companies are currently willing so share stuff like that and just having
1-2 of them would probably be counter-productive. We could start collecting them and add them
to the navigation as soon as we have a critical mass of stories.


            Am 30.04.20, 18:02 schrieb "Tomasz Urbaszek" <>:

                Other projects have this as well:

                Of course, I agree with Łukasz that this should be done with the
                consent of those companies. Probably best if done by those comapnies.


                On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 5:55 PM Łukasz Dywicki <>
                > Apache Karaf does that via stories page:
                > also has a "commercial support" section on the community page:
                > Apache Camel has site dedicated only to commercial offerings:
                > I think that major complain is listing a company without their consent
                > or using their logo without a consent, simply due to possible trademark
                > missuse disputes. It is much easier the other way around - when
                > companies say "we would like to..". As you can see organizations are
                > keen to "announce" they do something with above projects.
                > I believe PLC4X doesn't have to be shy. :-)
                > Cheers,
                > Łukasz
                > On 30.04.2020 14:54, Christofer Dutz wrote:
                > > Hi Tomek,
                > >
                > > Yeah ... I would love something like that, but I remember when we
had this discussion before, it might be that it's sort of frowned about.
                > > I would only like to do this similarly if it's in line with ASF
                > >
                > > Chris
                > >
                > >
                > > Am 30.04.20, 14:50 schrieb "Tomasz Urbaszek" <>:
                > >
                > >     Hi,
                > >
                > >     Apache Airflow has such a list[1] and it's growing steadily.
We have
                > >     also use-cases on our website[2] (with logos). In both cases,
it's up
                > >     to the company/user to add this info (via PR). I think this
                > >     helps. From a company perspective, it's one more place where
you can
                > >     "shout out" about yourself. The problem is that sometimes companies
                > >     "would love to do this but someone has to do / write this"...
                > >
                > >     [1]
                > >     [2]
                > >
                > >     Tomek
                > >
                > >
                > >     On Thu, Apr 30, 2020 at 2:38 PM Christofer Dutz
                > >     <> wrote:
                > >     >
                > >     > Hi all,
                > >     >
                > >     > as one of our biggest problems is usually not being allowed
to talk about the awesome stuff we do in projects it’s sort of a hen-egg-problem.
                > >     > We can’t claim people are using it but not tell who …
                > >     >
                > >     > If there are companies willing to openly announce they
are using it, would it be in line with the ASF if we had a list on our website with company
names and perhaps logos with companies openly stating they are or have been using PLC4X.
                > >     >
                > >     > I know this is usually a problem with Apache’s non-profit
charity thing.
                > >     > But I would expect if there aren’t any links back to
the companies this issue should be weakened.
                > >     >
                > >     > Would it be possible to compile such a list / logo-wall?
                > >     >
                > >     > What do you generally think about this?
                > >     >
                > >     > Chris
                > >     >
                > >

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