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From Mark Hissink Muller <mar...@gmail.com>
Subject Adding Hyperlink support to POI-HSSF...? (3)
Date Sun, 20 Feb 2005 20:14:34 GMT
POI-dev members,

Thanks again for your support on my attempt to add an Excel
Hyperlinked cell to HSSF.

Things are going fairly well. With help of Avik's document, I've been
able to read the label and the actual URL into a new HyperlinkRecord,
which works fine.

When testing the HyperlinkRecord-class fully integrated, and trying to
read the hyperlink from the modified HSSFCell, I have some problems.

Instead of finding my new HSSFCell.CELL_TYPE_HYPERLINK (with record
HyperlinkRecord), I find a LabelSSTRecord, which, as I understand it,
is a basic kind of text-record.

Zooming in on:

	public static Workbook createWorkbook(List recs)
I see that 161 Record(s) from the InputStream [1] are input but that
after 81 records the processing breaks because an EOFRecord is found.
Commenting the break, I learn that my HyperlinkRecord is number 101 in
the List. I am puzzled; why is the EOF found before all the records
are property processed?

Another thing which I could use a suggestion is the implementation of:

	public int serialize( int offset, byte[] data ) // and
	public int getRecordSize()

For your convenience, I've added my current (draft) version of the
HyperlinkRecord as an attachment to this mail.

Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

- Mark

[1] - I have a simple example where I try to read an Hyperlink+Label
from cell A1. Apart from this, the workbook is empty (new Excel-file)

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