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From "Shantanu Chakraborty" <shantan...@trigent.com>
Subject Extraction of Images from a Word Document
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 06:17:12 GMT

I have been using the POI API for text extraction from a Microsoft Word
Document and have managed to fulfil my requirements there successfully.
However, I now need to use this API for image extraction from a Word
Document. I have been given a long list of requirements w.r.t image
extraction, and I am listing below a few of them so that I can share with
you all the complexity that I have to address. Below are some of the

1. Extract the nth image from a Word Document, where n>0.
2. Extract the nth image from the mth page in a Word Document, where m, n >
3. Extract the image in the n th row, and m th column of the i th table on
page j, where m,n,i,j > 0.

The second and third requirements are indeed complex, and I would like to
keep my focus on the first for the time being.

If anyone could provide me some pointers as to which classes in POI I should
look at to be able to come up with a solution for my first requirement or
provide some helpful code fragment w.r.t this problem, I would really
appreciate it.

Thanks and Regards

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