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From Paul Merlin <p...@nosphere.org>
Subject Re: Build problems...
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2017 17:11:48 GMT
Le 12 février 2017 10:25:33 GMT-05:00, Niclas Hedhman <niclas@hedhman.org> a écrit
>No 'publishToMavenLocal' task in 'develop' at the moment. Perhaps you
>didn't push it, or...?
>niclas@devdesk:~/dev/polygene/java$ ./gradlew tasks
>:buildSrc:compileJava UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:compileGroovy UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:processResources UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:classes UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:jar UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:assemble UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:compileTestJava UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:compileTestGroovy UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:processTestResources UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:testClasses UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:test UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:check UP-TO-DATE
>:buildSrc:build UP-TO-DATE
>The Jetty plugin has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in
>Gradle 4.0. Consider using the Gretty
>plugin instead.
>       at
>All tasks runnable from root project
>Default tasks: classes, test
>Build tasks
>assemble - Assembles the outputs of this project.
>build - Assembles and tests this project.
>buildDependents - Assembles and tests this project and all projects
>depend on it.
>buildNeeded - Assembles and tests this project and all projects it
>classes - Assembles main classes.
>clean - Deletes the build directory.
>jar - Assembles a jar archive containing the main classes.
>perfClasses - Assembles perf classes.
>testClasses - Assembles test classes.
>versionClasses - Assembles version classes.
>vhostTestClasses - Assembles vhost test classes.
>war - Generates a war archive with all the compiled classes, the
>content and the libraries.
>Build Setup tasks
>init - Initializes a new Gradle build. [incubating]
>wrapper - Generates Gradle wrapper files. [incubating]
>Distribution tasks
>stageBinariesMavenRepository - Stages published binaries as a maven
>repository in the build directory.
>stageBinaryDistribution - Stages the binary distribution in the build
>stageDependenciesMavenRepository - Stages dependencies of published
>binaries as a maven repository in the build directory. (BIG)
>stageSourceDistribution - Stages the source distribution in the build
>tarBinaryDistribution - Assembles .tar.gz binary distribution.
>tarSourceDistribution - Assembles .tar.gz source distribution.
>zipBinaryDistribution - Assembles .zip binary distribution.
>zipDependenciesDistribution - Assemble .zip dependencies distribution
>zipSourceDistribution - Assembles .zip source distribution.
>Distribution verification tasks
>buildSourceDistribution - Checks the source distribution by running
>build` inside.
>checkDistributions - Run all distribution checks.
>ratBinaryDistribution - Checks the binary distribution using Apache
>ratSourceDistribution - Checks the source distribution using Apache
>Docker tasks
>buildCassandraDockerImage - Build cassandra Docker image
>buildMemcachedDockerImage - Build memcached Docker image
>buildMysqlDockerImage - Build mysql Docker image
>buildPostgresDockerImage - Build postgres Docker image
>buildRedisDockerImage - Build redis Docker image
>buildRiakDockerImage - Build riak Docker image
>Documentation tasks
>groovydoc - Generates Groovydoc API documentation for the main source
>javadoc - Generates Javadoc API documentation for the main source code.
>javadocs - Builds the whole SDK public Javadoc
>makeAsciidocBuildInfo - Generates asciidoc artifact snippet
>manuals - Generates all documentation
>website - Generates documentation website
>Help tasks
>buildEnvironment - Displays all buildscript dependencies declared in
>project 'polygene-java'.
>components - Displays the components produced by root project
>'polygene-java'. [incubating]
>dependencies - Displays all dependencies declared in root project
>dependencyInsight - Displays the insight into a specific dependency in
>project 'polygene-java'.
>dependentComponents - Displays the dependent components of components
>root project 'polygene-java'. [incubating]
>downloadDependencies - Download all dependencies
>help - Displays a help message.
>model - Displays the configuration model of root project
>projects - Displays the sub-projects of root project 'polygene-java'.
>properties - Displays the properties of root project 'polygene-java'.
>tasks - Displays the tasks runnable from root project 'polygene-java'
>of the displayed tasks may belong to subprojects).
>Performance tasks
>performanceTest - Runs performance tests.
>Release tasks
>publishAsfDistributions - Publishes distributions to ASF SVN.
>publishAsfDocumentation - Publishes documentation to ASF HTTP.
>publishAsfMavenArtifacts - Publishes maven artifacts to ASF Nexus.
>releaseAsf - Rolls out an Apache Software Foundation release.
>releaseSpecApprovedProjects - Apply release specification to projects
>the build
>reportReleaseSpec - Report module(s) that do or don't fit the release
>Release verification tasks
>checkReleaseSpec - Ensure that no releasable module depend on module(s)
>that don't fit the release criteria.
>Samples tasks
>runCircuitBreakerSample - Runs circuitbreaker sample.
>runEnvisageSample - Runs envisage sample.
>runEnvisageSchoolSample - Runs envisage School sample.
>runForumSample - Runs forum sample.
>runJmxSample - Runs jmx sample.
>runRestletSample - Runs restlet sample.
>runSqlSupportSample - Runs sql-support sample.
>runSwingSample - Runs swing sample.
>Upload tasks
>uploadArchives - Uploads all artifacts belonging to configuration
>uploadStageArchives - Uploads all artifacts belonging to configuration
>Verification tasks
>check - Runs all checks.
>coverage - Generates global coverage report
>jacocoTestReport - Generates test coverage report.
>test - Runs the unit tests.
>Web application tasks
>jettyRun - Uses your files as and where they are and deploys them to
>jettyRunWar - Assembles the webapp into a war and deploys it to Jetty.
>jettyStop - Stops Jetty.
>Pattern: clean<TaskName>: Cleans the output files of a task.
>To see all tasks and more detail, run gradlew tasks --all
>To see more detail about a task, run gradlew help --task <task>
>On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 8:29 PM, Paul Merlin <paul@nosphere.org> wrote:
>> Le 12 février 2017 04:31:44 GMT-05:00, Niclas Hedhman
>> a écrit :
>>> I build a distirbution and found a Maven repository inside
>>> distributions/build/stage
>>> And far more disturbing than not getting .m2/ populated is that the
>>> produced POMs are invalid. The naming of jar files is messed up now,
>>> missing the group in the artifactId.
>>>   <dependencies>
>>>    <dependency>
>>>      <groupId>org.apache.polygene.core</groupId>
>>>      <artifactId>bootstrap</artifactId>
>>>      <version>0</version>
>>>      <scope>compile</scope>
>>>    </dependency>
>>>    <dependency>
>>>      <groupId>org.apache.polygene.extensions</groupId>
>>>      <artifactId>valueserialization-jackson</artifactId>
>>>      <version>0</version>
>>>      <scope>compile</scope>
>>>    </dependency>
>>>    <dependency>
>>>      <groupId>org.apache.polygene.extensions</groupId>
>>>      <artifactId>indexing-rdf</artifactId>
>>>      <version>0</version>
>>>      <scope>compile</scope>
>>>    </dependency>
>>> On Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 5:24 PM, Niclas Hedhman <niclas@hedhman.org>
>>>  Paul,
>>>>  'install' doesn't work anymore... Or at least, the
>~/.m2/repository is not
>>>>  populated.
>>>>  And I can't figure out how the all-plugin way of build system is
>>>>  working.
>>>>  What do I need to do for "local build" and be able to use that in
>>>>  local project?
>>>>  Cheers
>>>>  --
>>>>  Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer
>>>>  http://polygene.apache.org <http://zest.apache.org> - New Energy
>for Java
>> Hi Niclas,
>> I'm currently very far away from a keyboard and will be until the
>> The artifactIds should be fixed, good catch.
>> As for publishing to ~/.m2, the publishToMavenLocal task should do.
>> HTH
>Niclas Hedhman, Software Developer
>http://polygene.apache.org <http://zest.apache.org> - New Energy for

Looks like I overlooked that use case when working on the build. 
I'll fix that when I'm back.

In the meantime you can use stageBinariesMavenRepository and add the directory as a repository
to your consuming project.

If the consuming project is built using gradle you could have a look at composite builds to
skip that 'local artifacts' mess. There would probably be some mapping to do for substitution
to work. I plan to provide a sample when I'm back, just mentioning in case you want to have
a look.


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