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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Test structure
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:20:39 GMT
I'm going to start building a "broker compliance" python test suite
(unless Steve gives me ruby bindings :)

I've put a simple unittest framework in place and converted the 3
existing python tests. I've also added some cleanup functionality so
queues and exchanges created during a test get deleted at the end. It'll
all probably need some tuning going forward but it's a start.

My next step is to build tests covering the functionality I want to
build in C++ which is the exchange types. The  <rule> elements in
amqp.xml seem like a good source of initial tests, and I expect I'll
need to augment with tests for stuff not covered by a <rule>  

So I propose this structure: 

1) for each spec class (e.g. exchange) we create module
python/tests/exchange.py containing test class TestExchangeRules. That
class contains test methods for each rule. I'd rather use the rule name
attributes from the latest spec trunk than the previous test names, 
e.g. queue.QueueRuleTests.test_minimum_queues
not  queue.QueueRuleTests.test_amq_queue_35.

2) where we need additional tests we add further ad-hoc test classes ,
e.g. for topic exchange tests, we might add exchange.TestTopicExchange

I've some vague ideas about automating checks for correspondence between
amqp.xml and the python test classes but we'll see how ambitious I get.

Any suggestions for improvements most appreciated.


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