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From "Tomas Restrepo" <tomas.restr...@devdeo.com>
Subject RE: XML longstr mapping
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 22:42:11 GMT
> +1, longstr is misleading and it is entirely unfair to blame C
> programmers! The type in question is a length-prefixed byte array. There
> are no guarantees in the spec about being able to treat it as any type
> of string.
> I did a quick search and couldn't find a formal definition for longstr
> in the spec - I must be blind, where is it?

I'm guessing it's Section "Strings". I also agree the term longstr
is misleading, but the spec does talk about "short and long strings".

Actually, the spec is far more misleading, because it explicitly says that
"short strings" are UTF-8 encoded (i.e. text), while saying that "Long
Strings" are just a length-prefixed array of octets with no requirements at
all about the content (so they can carry arbitrary binary data, I guess).

Tomas Restrepo

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