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From George Thiruvathukal <gthiruvathu...@zappos.com>
Subject Re: Qpid JMS and JNDI configuration issues
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 17:37:01 GMT
Hi Robert,

On Apr 7, 2008, at 1:12 AM, Robert Greig wrote:
> On 07/04/2008, George Thiruvathukal <gthiruvathukal@zappos.com> wrote:
>> $ cat qpid.bindings
>> QueueConnectionFactory=org.apache.qpid.client.AMQConnectionFactory
>> ...
> You need to prefix the key with the type of object, e.g.
> connectionfactory
> .QueueConnectionFactory=org.apache.qpid.client.AMQConnectionFactory

Really? That doesn't seem work. From the thrown exception it looks  
like the lookup key is just "QueueConnectionFactory":

    JNDI lookup failed: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:  
    Connection problem: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:  

ReadOnlyContext is indeed looking for QueueConnectionFactory in the  
'bindings' Map, not 'environment' (since things are transposed). Also,  
I hooked this up to jdb and found that doing the lookup on the short  
name in 'environment' within ReadOnlyContext.lookup() would work:

    $ jdb SenderToQueue SQ
    Initializing jdb ...
    > catch caught javax.naming.NameNotFoundException
    Deferring caught javax.naming.NameNotFoundException.
    It will be set after the class is loaded.
    > run
    run SenderToQueue SQ
    Set uncaught java.lang.Throwable
    Set deferred uncaught java.lang.Throwable
    VM Started: Queue name is SQ
    main 2008-04-07 02:19:28,144 INFO  
[apache.qpid.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory] Loading  
    main 2008-04-07 02:19:28,146 INFO  
[apache.qpid.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory] Loaded Context
    Set deferred caught javax.naming.NameNotFoundException

    Exception occurred: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException (to be  
caught at: SampleUtilities.jndiLookup(), line=172 bci=65)"thread=main",
    org.apache.qpid.jndi.ReadOnlyContext.lookup(), line=271 bci=170

    main[1] dump environment.get(QueueConnectionFactory)
    com.sun.tools.example.debug.expr.ParseException: Name unknown:  
    environment.get(QueueConnectionFactory) = null
    main[1] dump environment.get("QueueConnectionFactory")
    environment.get("QueueConnectionFactory") =  



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