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From "Aidan Skinner" <ai...@apache.org>
Subject Big Red Flashy Merge Warning <imagine the sound of bells here>
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 14:30:09 GMT

I have been working on thegreatmerge for some time, and am approaching nirvana.

I have been finding and fixing test errors as I go along. There are
currently less than 20, and I'm hoping to reduce this further to ~10
in the next couple of days. This number may go up as well down, as I
haven't merged Rafi's massive 0-10 commit yet. Box may not contain

I'd like to propose that we now merge the appropriate elements onto
trunk, and address any remaining issues together as a community.

To that end, from my understanding of work ongoing on trunk, I'd like
to do-the-merge on trunk on Tuesday morning UK-time. This allows a few
more days for any commits pending on trunk to be applied.

For info, here's how the plan to handle each component:

Java Broker - from M2.1, trunk version to be deleted
C++ Broker - untouched on trunk
C++ Client - untouched on trunk
Java Client - merge 2.1 onto trunk, via thegreatmerge
Java Common - ditto
python Client - trunk plus a couple of patches from M2.1, via thegreatmerge
ruby Client - trunk untouched
InterOp Tests - Java, dotnet from M2.1 untouched
Gentools - retain Java from 2.1, C++ from trunk, via thegreatmerge for
build changes
Specs - think specs unchanged, but TBC with exception of additional
0.10 existing on trunk and removal of -WIP versions
.Net Client - using M2.1, deleting trunk version

For Java,  I'd expect a few days of disruption on trunk while we find
the problems arising, particularly those with no tests. C++ should be
pretty isolated from impact.

I'll tag trunk just before I make the changes, and commit one large
diff between M2.x and trunk. This will, unfortunately, lose a bunch of
history from M2 but, well, subversion sucks, whatchagonnadoshrug.

We particuarly need to pay attention to the Java client, particulary
AMQSession which has been somewhat messy.

If you don't agree with this plan, please shout now.

- Aidan
aim/y!:aidans42 g:aidan.skinner@gmail.com
"We belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us. We don't even belong to
each other."

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