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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Qpid broker federation use case info?
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 01:13:06 GMT
mark yoffe wrote:
> Hi
> can anyone explain the benefits of federation
> and the proposed use scenario's
> furthermore it is supproted in M3
> and in Trunk?

difference between federation and cluster is probably the first thing to 
comment on.

Clustering give HA, Federation allows you to build networks of brokers.

These networks can be used in many ways, some examples are

multi data center ( have broker in one data center  A and another one in 
data center B). All the
clients can connect to the local broker, and can consume from client 
publishing in the remote
data center.

Load distribution, tree type patterns a can be configured for such cases..

abstraction/scaling - federation can be used to domain or scale a 

Basically, you can build any tree, mesh or hub-spoke model with federation.

I think of it as follows: When you use qpid-route, the links are like 
wiring machines
together with network cable. How are the connections patched.

Then, in M3 you can create static routes, like static IP tables. In M4 
(trunk) you can setup
routes to be fully dynamic (lot easier to admin)

easiest is to just start a few brokers on your local machine with 
different ports and wire a few
cases together.


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