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From Robbie Gemmell <robbie.gemm...@gmail.com>
Subject 0.8 release schedule
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2010 05:18:41 GMT
Hi all,

Now that we are nearing the dates mentioned previously, I thought it
was time to outline some specific dates for working towards the
release of 0.8. I am actually away on vacation now until the 21st, so
the dates work around that slightly:

Friday October 22nd: Cut first test build for initial review, generate
RAT output.
Monday October 25th (5PM UTC): trunk frozen, bug fixes only.
Oct 2X/Nov 0X: Create additional test builds as/when required.
Friday November 5th: Take a 0.8-release branch from trunk, increment
the version numbers on both. Trunk opens for 0.9 development. Release
Candidate process begins from the 0.8-release branch.
November XX: Once the latest Release Candidate is deemed stable, vote
for its promotion to the release build.

JIRA's with fix-for of 0.7 should now be getting updated and if
necessary moved to unknown/0.9 fix-for if they aren't going to be
committed in time for 0.8. I will be wielding a big stick against the
remaining 0.7 JIRAs that aren't RTR/In Progress when the freeze takes
effect on October 25th :)

In terms of documentation, the only release-specific task I am aware
of needing done to accompany the release would be to publish the
latest version to the website renamed as 0.8, and copied with a new
0.9 link. Is that correct Jonathan?


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