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From Aaron Fabbri <ajfab...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Heads up re Rdma IO state transitions [Was: AsynchIO state transition]
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2010 23:22:59 GMT
I whipped up a quick state diagram for Andrew's latest RdmaIO stuff.
I'll paste the dot source here and attach the png.

To generate (assuming you have graphviz installed):

linux$  dot asynch_io_state_machine.dot -Tpng -o asynch_io_state_machine.png

Here's the source:

digraph asynchio_fsm {

        node [shape = doublecircle] IDLE;
        node [fontsize=9] NOTIFY_PENDING;
        node [shape = circle, fontsize=12];
        edge [fontsize=9];
        IDLE -> NOTIFY_PENDING [label="notifyPendingWrite"];
        NOTIFY_PENDING -> NOTIFY_PENDING [label="notifyPendingWrite"];
        STOPPED -> STOPPED [label="*"];

        IDLE -> NOTIFY_PENDING [label="dataEvent"];
        NOTIFY -> NOTIFY_PENDING [label="dataEvent"];
        NOTIFY_PENDING -> NOTIFY_PENDING [label="dataEvent"];

        IDLE -> NOTIFY [label="writeEvent"];
        NOTIFY -> NOTIFY [label="writeEvent"];
        NOTIFY_PENDING -> NOTIFY [label="writeEvent"];

        IDLE -> IDLE [label="writeEvent2"];
        NOTIFY -> IDLE [label="writeEvent2"];

        IDLE -> STOPPED [label="stop"];
        NOTIFY -> STOPPED [label="stop"];
        NOTIFY_PENDING -> STOPPED [label="stop"];

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