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From Pradeep Agrawal <pradeepagrawal8...@gmail.com>
Subject Review Request 69468: RANGER-2295: Set specific Ranger version in patches status entry table
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2018 10:19:07 GMT

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Review request for ranger, Abhay Kulkarni, Madhan Neethiraj, Mehul Parikh, Nikhil P, Ramesh
Mani, and Velmurugan Periasamy.

Bugs: RANGER-2295

Repository: ranger


**Problem Statement:** DB setup script(db_setup.py) looks for a specific version (For example:
"Ranger 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT") to decide if patches need to be applied or not. 

For example:
select version from x_db_version_h where version = 'DB_PATCHES' and inst_by = 'Ranger 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT'
and active = 'Y';
select version from x_db_version_h where version = 'JAVA_PATCHES' and inst_by = 'Ranger 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT'
and active = 'Y';

However, the optimized schema creation script comes with a generic version (For example: "Ranger

INSERT INTO x_db_version_h (version,inst_at,inst_by,updated_at,updated_by,active) VALUES ('DB_PATCHES',CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,'Ranger
INSERT INTO x_db_version_h (version,inst_at,inst_by,updated_at,updated_by,active) VALUES ('JAVA_PATCHES',CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,'Ranger

The result is that a separate check is executed for each patch, which takes time. It will
be good if the status entries have the exact ranger version rather a base version.

**Proposed Solution:** The propsed solution includes following changes:
After core db schema file(ranger_core_db_*.sql) is imported patch shall update the sql/java
patches entry version with the exact version+build being used. Once the exact version is updated
then when DB setup script will look for a specific version then it will find a matching entry
and skip the all patches check.


  security-admin/scripts/db_setup.py 2bda1a8e7 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/69468/diff/1/


**Steps performed for Ranger-admin(with patch):**

1. Created Build with patch and untar the build.
2. Opened install.properties and provided db configuration in install.properties
3. Called setup.sh

**Expected Behavior:**
1. There should be a single call of db schema setup and it should not try to apply/check all
the db patches entries.

**Actual Behavior:**
2. After importing the db schema file, ranger checked for entries of 'DB_PATCHES' and 'JAVA_PATCHES'
for the current ranger version and skipped checking entries of every db and java patches.

Patch has been tested for all the db flavor.


Pradeep Agrawal

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