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From Madhan Neethiraj <mad...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Apache Ranger 2.1.0 release
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2020 16:37:08 GMT

Now that we have +1s from a number of Rangers, we can get started on Apache Ranger 2.1.0 release.

I volunteer to be the release-manager for this release and propose the following timeline:
   Aug-04, Tue: create ranger-2.1 branch from master
   Aug-11, Tue: ranger-2.1 branch goes into lockdown mode to prepare for 2.1.0 release
   Aug-18, Tue: release-candidate out for vote
   Aug-24, Mon: release 2.1.0

During lockdown period, only commits for release-blocker issues must be merged in ranger-2.1
branch. Master branch will remain open for all commits.

Please review and let me know your comments/suggestions.


´╗┐On 7/16/20, 12:33 AM, "Madhan Neethiraj" <madhan@apache.org> wrote:


    Over past several months the dev community has been busy in enhancing Apache Ranger with
new features, improvements and fixes. Here are few features/enhancements since last major
release, Apache Ranger 2.0.0:
        - Hive plugin enhancement to authorize based on database/table owners
        - Solr plugin enhancement to support document level authorization
        - Kafka plugin enhancement to support authorization on consumer-groups
        - Presto plugin enhancements to support row-filtering and column-masking
        - Atlas plugin enhancements to support authorization for new operations and resources
        - Plugins enhancement to support Ranger HA without requiring a load-balancer
        - Plugins enhancements to support incremental tag updates
        - Plugins enhancements to support super-users and super-groups
        - Plugins enhancements to support audit excluded-users
        - Added support for Elastic Search as audit store
        - Ranger Admin UI improvements
        - Performance improvement in bulk create/update of policies
        - Ranger KMS enhancement to support Azure Key Vault
        - Java client library to access Ranger REST APIs 
        - updated versions of dependent libraries/components

    With significant improvements in place, it is time for the next maintenance release of
Apache Ranger!

    I propose to release Apache Ranger 2.1.0 by early next month. Please review and send your


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