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From Don Bosco Durai <bo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Ranger - Python client
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2020 00:37:19 GMT
Madhan, this is very useful.

Thanks again



On 12/4/20, 11:35 PM, "Madhan Neethiraj" <madhan@apache.org> wrote:


    Yes. Python APIs support  CRUD operations on service-defs/services/policies/security-zones/roles
- like:
      - create_policy()
      - update_policy()
      - update_policy_by_id()
      - apply_policy()
      - delete_policy()
      - delete_policy_by_id()
      - get_policy()
      - get_policy_by_id()
      - get_policies_in_service()
      - find_policies()

    Until documentation is in place, complete list of APIs can be found from RangerClient
class here:  https://github.com/apache/ranger/blob/master/intg/src/main/python/apache_ranger/client/ranger_client.py#L245.

    Hope this helps.


    On 12/4/20, 10:48 PM, "Don Bosco Durai" <bosco@apache.org> wrote:

        Madhan, this is very good.

        Does the script also supports deleting or modifying of Ranger Policies?



        On 12/4/20, 9:09 AM, "Madhan Neethiraj" <madhan@apache.org> wrote:


            Official Python client for Apache Ranger is now available at https://pypi.org/project/apache-ranger/.
Python client APIs mirror Apache Ranger REST APIs, and enable administration of Apache Ranger
using Python.

            Here is a sample usage to create a service and a policy using Python client:

                from apache_ranger.model.ranger_service import RangerService
                from apache_ranger.client.ranger_client import RangerClient
                from apache_ranger.model.ranger_policy  import RangerPolicy, RangerPolicyResource,
RangerPolicyItem, RangerPolicyItemAccess

                service_name = 'dev_hive'

                service = RangerService(name=service_name, type='hive')
                service.configs = {'username':'hive', 'password':'hive', 'jdbc.driverClassName':
'org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver', 'jdbc.url': 'jdfb:hive2://ranger-hadoop:10000', 'hadoop.security.authorization':

                policy = RangerPolicy(service=service_name, name='test policy')
                policy.resources = {'database': RangerPolicyResource(['test_db']), 'table':
RangerPolicyResource(['test_tbl']), 'column': RangerPolicyResource(['*'])}
                policy.policyItems.append(RangerPolicyItem(users=['admin'], accesses=[RangerPolicyItemAccess('create'),
RangerPolicyItemAccess('alter'), RangerPolicyItemAccess('drop')], delegateAdmin=True))
                policy.denyPolicyItems.append(RangerPolicyItem(users=['admin'], accesses=[RangerPolicyItemAccess('select')]))

                ranger_client   = RangerClient('http://localhost:6080', 'admin', 'rangerR0cks!')
                created_service = ranger_client.create_service(service)
                created_policy  = ranger_client.create_policy(policy)

            Apache Ranger team is updating the documentation to include details of Python

            Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


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