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From "Franklin, Matthew B." <mfrank...@mitre.org>
Subject Re: Feature List (from Proposal)
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 16:26:05 GMT
I have created a few Epics that I think encompass most of the very
high-level features from the proposal that we would like to see for a
first release.  I propose the following structure for managing our issues
in JIRA:

1) Highest level feature definitions are Epics (like OpenSocial container
2) Lower-level features are created as Stories and linked to the
appropriate Epic (Like Render OpenSocial Gadgets on Page)
3) Anything required to make the Story go (persistence, model definition,
services, etc) are defined as subtasks of the Story

I would also like to suggest that we begin using the Stories/Sub-tasks to
track all work being done.  You can reference the JIRA # in the commit so
that it will auto-tie to the issue.  In my mind, this looks something like
identifying a story, or task, that you want to work on; creating it if it
does not exist in JIRA; assigning it to yourself and letting the list know
what you plan on doing; assume lazy consensus and do the work;  commit
with the JIRA # and finally letting the list know that you are done.


On 5/2/11 8:43 AM, "Franklin, Matthew B." <mfranklin@mitre.org> wrote:

>On 5/1/11 12:27 PM, "Ross Gardler" <rgardler@apache.org> wrote:
>>Just a quick comment about "module being assigned to one team" and your
>>acknowledgement of the problems such an approach can bring. I'd suggest
>>that "assignment" is the wrong way around. It forces someone to tell
>>someone else what to do - that's not how an ASF project works. Everyone
>>owns everything in an ASF project and everyone dives in where they feel
>>most able. 
>>I understand your concern about not knowing where to contribute. This can
>>indeed be a problem, especially for new communities or new members of a
>>community.  However, I'd say that you just indicated where you can
>>contribute healthily.
>>Perhaps getting these features into the issues tracker so we can start to
>>develop a roadmap. The we can encourage folk to contribute initial
>>proposals or code as appropriate.
>The feature lists from the proposal are very high-level and contain a lot
>of implicit features within them.  Assuming lazy consensus, I will put a
>few of the listed features in as Epics into JIRA and break down the one I
>am currently working on into Stories.
>>Thanks for starting this constructive discussion - that's how a healthy
>>ASF project works - it's not really all that had ;-)
>>Sent from my mobile device.
>>On 1 May 2011, at 15:20, Raminderjeet Singh <raminderjsingh@gmail.com>
>>> Hi All 
>>> As we have nice framework working and have done with most of the ground
>>>work. I think its a good idea to visit the feature list  from Rave
>>>proposal [1] and have small discussion on team/individual contributions.
>>>We can elaborate little bit more on these items (may be just from our
>>>previous discussions) and have some key modules figured out. I
>>>understand the impacts of module being assigned to one team but we can
>>>come up with some thing better. I bought this as its my 1st apache
>>>project and its difficult for me to decide where to start and
>>> Core Features
>>> Advanced OpenSocial compliance and optional features support
>>> OpenSocial persistence and SPI implementation
>>> Self-service application administration including security, gadget
>>>management and page templates
>>> User and group management with full privacy model
>>> Gadget repository with life-cycle management (install/update/remove)
>>>and extended meta data (categories, comments, ratings, etc.)
>>> Dynamic and highly customizable front-end engine (skins, pages, tabs,
>>>layouts, navigation)
>>> Full OAuth support
>>> Support for security restrictions on both Gadgets and page/tag/layout
>>> Set of common and general purpose Gadgets to be usable out-of-the-box
>>> Support for inter-gadget messaging with examples
>>> Extensible Features
>>> Pluggable persistence
>>> Pluggable security model with example modules for authentication and
>>> Support for OpenSocial extensions not (yet) defined in the
>>> Support for other (non-standard, yet) pluggable container services and
>>> [1] http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/RaveProposal
>>> Thank
>>> Raminder

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