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From Raminderjeet Singh <raminderjsi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Notes from the Rave meetup at ApacheCon 9 November
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 02:56:42 GMT
Thanks Sander for detailed notes. They are really helpful. You are wonderful. 

On Nov 12, 2011, at 11:08 PM, Sander van der Waal wrote:

> Please find below my scribbles from the Rave meet-up at ApacheCon this
> week. Thanks everyone for a very fruitful meeting and I look forward to
> following things up.
> BTW, I can very well have missed out on some stuff or perhaps even
> misinterpreted what's been said - just let me know!
> Rave Meetup – 9 November 2011, ApacheCon Vancouver
> 1. Road to graduation.
> Rave already has a diverse community, could graduate soon; however:
> - We need to prove that we can embed new people in the project
> - Once we have proven that we can accomodate new stakeholders it will be
> a viable project for graduation.
> 2. Related projects
> Glad to have had two people present from the new Sakai project
> Sakai CLE (v2) - Traditional Course Management System
> Sakai OAE (v3) - Different role with learning proces
> - Emphasis on creating and sharing content
> - Nearly all readers also writers of content
> - NYU & Berkeley have it currently in pilot
> - Flowing content, pulling in widgets and functionality from an OBR (OSGi)
> - No choice for social standard, could be OpenSocial
> - Widgets custom built, no particular standard used (although very
> similar to OpenSocial)
> Rave is also pulling in widgets and gadgets, not locked-down
> Sakai is governed by a big committee of committees. On the other hand,
> Rave already has a large involvement from academic sector so is used to
> working with the academic sector and has proven that it possible.
> We think Rave is ready.
> Sakai developer Nicolaas Matthijs at CARET, working with John Norman
> Ross to set up a meeting with them and OSS Watch
> OMELETTE project
> http://www.ict-omelette.eu/home
> - No one present could really comment on this EU project.
> - We'd love to hear more from Scott Wilson who indicated before the
> meeting that people of the OMELETTE project "were really into
> the idea of using Rave and Wookie as their basic platform and having
> more partners make contributions back in areas like inter-widget
> communications (with the folks from ROLE we met at apache hackathon in
> Amsterdam), import/export and sharing of 'workspaces' (pages), page
> lifecycle management, implementing WebID sign on, and lots of other
> things."
> Bamboo project
> http://www.projectbamboo.org/
> - Consortium of 20 odd univeristies, mostly US-based, Mellon-funded
> - Building applications and shared infrastructure for humanities research.
> - Team in Oxford currently basing their portal on COIN from SURF-net
> - Working to build their project on SURF code that is not really
> maintained by SURF maintained, as SURF will move to Rave (Q2 2012?)
> - Sander (OSS Watch) working with the team in Oxford to see how we can
> help them to migrate to Rave, eg. what are the most important features
> they'd need in?
> ROLE project
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/role-project/
> - Using the Rave frontend with their own widget-based backend
> - EU project started three year ago
> - Video shown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzAZNaLrZcU
> - XMPP used for interwidget communication
> - Jasha going to a workshop of theirs
> - What can we commit to make them commitment to get the code over
> manageable?
> - What is missing in Rave?
> - What's the barrier to submitting code?
> - Project is BSD & Apache licensed.
> - More importantly, who are the people involved?
> - Project member Jevgeni already active on the lists (eg. Shindig) to
> submit patches
> - It's considered good for EU projects to get code into existing projects
> - People tend to follow their code
> - OSS Watch will engage via Open University & Leicester Unviersity
> Wookie
> - Scott wants inter-widget communication into Wookie
> - That won't necesarily help Rave project
> 3. Home for gadgets / widgets and templating
> - Rave in Context templates
> - Generic template code currently in Wookie
> - Gadgets and widgets will be built, a few critical should be owned by Rave
> - But having a catalogue that we could wire into would be great
> - Number of catalogues exist, Scott talking to have them open-source these
> - OBR used in Sakai, specifically to OSGi but the concept is similar
> - Should look at how Maven solved a similar problem
> - Mitre built a federated widget marketplace specifically for gov
> - Can for example connect to other widget stores
> - Model to have Rave define an API of how to
> Use cases:
> - User wants to connect to a widget
> - You can add them by adding them to the store - where from?
> - Once chosen, leverage by adding them to your page
> Ross to create a project 'Rave extras' project on Apache extras
> - 'Rave extras' to deposit widgets / gadgets code on a seperate project site
> - Rave demo gadgets can be moved over
> - Let's also define what that catalogue would look like and put into apache
> extras
> - Leverage the possbility for people to build widgets/gadgets and have a
> place to host them
> - Extras site will be less restricted, eg. encourage other projects like
> Sakai and Callback (fka Phonegap) to use it.
> - First focus on creating widgets / gadgets, less focussed on hosting them
> Current solution in Sakai:
> - UI for attaching to existing widgets
> - Possible to install additional functionality through an OBR, using the
> MANIFEST to define additional resources
> Rave in context templates
> http://code.google.com/a/apache-extras.org/p/rave-in-context/
> - For example to search and browse lists using jQuery mobile
> - Use templates as wiring to generate the build for creating
> the widget
> - Seen as first step to create more elaborate tooling
> - Project itself is short and nearly finishe
> - Need to allow people to easily create new gadgets / widgets
> - Separate need to customise them
> - EU project WIDGaT allows you to customise areas of the widgets,
> specifically for people with disabilities http://arc.tees.ac.uk/WIDGAT/
> http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/ltig/widgat.aspx
> - Gadgets have a preference store that help you tweak it
> The need was felt that a separate home would be the best place, but no
> decision was made.
> 4. ODF/OOo gadgets
> - Not to be pushed by us
> - If Don or others interested we'll welcome them
> Sander

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