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From Ross Gardler <rgard...@opendirective.com>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Rave Hackathon
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 23:09:12 GMT
On 1 November 2011 17:01, Carlucci, Tony <acarlucci@mitre.org> wrote:
> For those attending the Rave Hackathon at ApacheCon Monday and Tuesday, I was curious
as to how it is organized (or is it self-organized)?  Do we just meet in a conference room
and start coding away?  Looking forward to meeting everyone...

As Hadrian says "pretty much". It doesn't hurt to have some ideas of
what you, as an individual, want to tackle and/or learn. It might help
if we create a wiki page to outline these in advance. However, nobody
should feel constrained by this. One of the great things about
Hackathon is that there are loads of people around from lots of
projects. Random stuff tends to bubble up through conversation.

I will not be around on the Monday, I have other commitments (i'll be
around the hotel from Sat evening though, so say hello :-)

On Tuesday I plan to be doing some work on Wookie Widgets that I want
to be able to display in Rave. This means I will want to be doing some
work on the Wookie connector, taking it past the quick hack that it
currently is and making it production grade. I'd be happy to show
people around Wookie and explain why I am doing this.

I'd like someone help me to create a suitable test user, widgets and
use case to demonstrate some of the unique features of Wookie widgets
and how they might interact with Rave itself.

I'd like to discuss, and perhaps start implementing, a demo instance
of Rave. Over on the Community Development project we hacked together
a simple app to find local ASF speakers and mentors[1] . Nick Burch
and I are planning to extend this a bit this year (well, to be honest
Nick is and I'll shout from the sidelines). We also have a new events
calendar. It would be great if we got Nick to expose the speaker data
via an API and we built a widget or two to access it alongside the
events calendar and maybe some standard slide decks. This would be a
good showcase for Rave and would help both the ComDev and ConCom
projects (and thus the foundation as a whole).

I also want to understand the "optimal" development environment and
process for Rave.

Don't forget we also have the meetup which is currently directionless
- are they key Rave related project people want to tell us about?

[1] http://community.zones.apache.org/

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