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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [osgs] Re: OpenSocial License and Copyright claims?
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 14:24:50 GMT
On 02/01/2012 01:46 PM, Mark W. wrote:
> Ate,
> Great to see everything's going well with Rave!!
> If the link above does not provide the necessary information, I'm more than
> happy to work with you to make it easy to get what you need. Please let me know.

Hi Mark,

I don't think the above link [1] provides the needed information yet.
What it does provide is AFAIK only information on the OpenSocial Foundation 
'Intellectual Property Rights Policy', which I already did read.
That policy makes clear that *contributors* need to grant a copyright license to 
the foundation, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribute License 3.0.

Nowhere however can I find any copyright and license claim made by the 
foundation *itself* on (primarily) the OpenSocial specification.

For Apache Shindig the current specifications since 0.9+ this doesn't seem that 
important anymore, as Shindig only provides an implementation of the spec (which 
should be free if I'm correct), it doesn't bundle/embed and/or redistribute the 
spec itself as such.

However, Shindig also (and still) uses *and* bundles the 0.8 specification 
javascript sources. Those carry the Apache 2 License, but without any specific 
copyright claim, which then should also state the year(s) covered, nor any other 
notice. And that is the concern of my question.

Furthermore, how does using the Apache 2 license for these sources relate to the 
Creative Commons Attribute License 3.0 required from contributors?

And, as the specifications since 0.9+ doesn't carry any reference to any license 
or copyright themselves, nor is there any indication otherwise within the svn 
repository, the only 'global' statement I see is on the project home page where 
it says Code license: Apache License 2.0

We (Apache project) are required to carry on existing copyright, license and 
possible additional notices in our distributions, but right now I have nothing 
to work with...

We could of course decide to simply *not* carry any notice for using and 
bundling the OpenSocial 0.8 specification, as I see no claim, but I'd like to do 
this proper, hence my request for clarification.

Regards, Ate

> -Mark Weitzel
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