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From Anne-Hélène Turpin <anne-helene.tur...@renater.fr>
Subject Rave and MySQL
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 14:47:28 GMT
Hi all,

Is someone use MySQL database with Rave ?

In our future portal project, I have to use MySQL database and probably 
we will use Rave and we will extend Rave in order to build our portal. 
When I test this configuration, I have many problems with Spring 
security when Rave run with MySQL.

When I run on a tomcat 6 server and MySQL server (5.1.41-3ubuntu12.10), 
after the login and password, I have a 403 error - Access denied. I have 
no error in the log files.

When I run with cargo and the same MySQL server, after the login and 
password, I also have a 403 error - Access denied and in the terminal, I 
have this message :
     "/WARN : 

- Your servlet container did not change the session ID when a new 
session was created. You will not be adequately protected against 
session-fixation attacks/"

Someone has already encountered this problem ?

If I use a H2 database, I have no problem....

Thanks again

Anne-Hélène TURPIN
Service Applicatif aux Utilisateurs
Tel : +33 2 23 23 71 42

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