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From Bas Zoetekouw <bas.zoetek...@surfnet.nl>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1242283 - in /incubator/rave/donations/surfconext-portal/coin-portal/trunk: NOTICE coin-portal-war/NOTICE.txt
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 12:50:04 GMT
Hi Ate,

> Just want to check that the NOTICE you've just added *as a whole* is legally 
> needed/required by SURFnet.
> Note that the AS 2.0 License section 4d) requires downstream users (like Apache 
> Rave and users thereof) to fully preserve this full NOTICE if/when we ever want 
> to reuse (portion of) this donation.
> My question is: would this be true for the below NOTICE text *as a whole* 
> (legally), or maybe only be needed for the first sentence?

It is indeed our intention that this notice (including the third
paragraph) is fully preserved if (parts of) our code are ever reused in
RAVE (or any other project). I hope this doesn't lead to any problems,
or any reluctance to reuse the code.
If it does, we need to see if we can work anything out, but for now this
is a requirement that my employer (i.e. SURFnet) imposes for these kinds
of code releases.

Best regards,

Bas Zoetekouw
SURFnet Advanced Services
Tel: +31 30 2305362   Fax: +31 30 2305329
SURFnet -  POBox 19035 -  NL-3501 DA Utrecht - The Netherlands

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