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From "Franklin, Matthew B." <mfrank...@mitre.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Next 0.8-incubating release: LICENSE and NOTICE requirements
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 19:16:28 GMT

On 2/2/12 11:06 AM, "Ate Douma" <ate@douma.nu> wrote:

>On 02/02/2012 04:50 AM, Franklin, Matthew B. wrote:
>> On 2/1/12 12:24 PM, "Ate Douma"<ate@douma.nu>  wrote:
>>> On 02/01/2012 05:45 PM, Franklin, Matthew B. wrote:
>>>> <snip />
>>>>>>>>>>> I think I've just finished with the NOTICE (and
>>>>>>>>>>> modifications
>>>>>>>>>>> needed for rave-shindig.
>>>>>>>>>>> Quite some changes which I tried to do as much
as atomic as
>>>>>>>>>>> possible
>>>>> so
>>>>>>>>>>> everybody can review why I did many removals
>>>>> additions/changes.
>>>> I have gone through every jar in rave-portal and checked licenses&
>>>> NOTICE entries.  I am going to call it done unless anyone finds
>>>> something I didn't.
>>>> Assuming lazy consensus, we make the recent changes to the combined
>>>> LICENSE&   NOTICE files in the binary release this evening/tomorrow.
>>> Great Matt.
>>> I've not had time to review the final result, but I can and will do so
>>> later
>>> this evening. So if you can hold off until then, I'd appreciate it :)
>> Ate and I found a few more changes, but we think we have the
>> &  rave-portal L&N ironed out.  I took a first pass at a merge between
>> two for the binary dist and have committed that back for review.  The
>> piece of the puzzle is to add any licenses or notices that tomcat or
>> software in the dist have.
>>  From what I can tell, tomcat only has 1 EPL jar, the rest is all ASL.
>> will add the license&  notice tomorrow.
>Yup, I checked it myself and it looks like the only thing extra needed
>got lost since the merge, so need to be brought back in) is a notice for:
>   Java compilation software for JSP pages is provided by Eclipse,
>   which is open source software.  The original software and
>   related information is available at
>   http://www.eclipse.org.
>and indicating the EPL 1.0 license, which we already have appended to
>also applies "For the Eclipse JDT Java compiler".

These entries have been completed.  I am going to call this issue complete
and will close the ticket tomorrow morning (assuming noone catches
anything before then and now).  We can then go for a release candidate.
>>> Regards, Ate

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