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From William Hayes <William.Ha...@biogenidec.com>
Subject Re: Problems overriding rave host configuration
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 16:00:28 GMT
Hi Carl,

I'm having the same problem - I'm trying to override the domain name and
Tomcat ports, and I have updated those files in particular with no
success.  I'm getting the same error as you.

Are you using the maven cargo:start to start Rave or using the binaries?

I'm a bit confused as to the best approach.  Do we make the changes in the
source and then run 'mvn install' or 'mvn -Pdist'? Or do we take the
binaries and alter the Ports and Domain after they are packaged into

I'm trying to test out Jasha's LDAP module, but I'm stuck on this basic


On 2/2/12 2:33 PM, "Louton, Carl O." <clouton@mitre.org> wrote:

>I am having some difficulty with the override portal configuration. I can
>properly specify portal.properties, rave-shinding.properties, and my own
>container.js file. However, when the portal loads, the gadget iframes are
>still pointing at a url that looks like
>"//locahost:8080/gadgets/ifr?url=...", which does not work when I'm
>trying to access the portal from anything but the same machine.
>The override mechanism worked in the past, as of Rave 0.6, but I've
>recently tried to start using 0.8 to test it out, and began having this
>Carl Louton
>E543 - HIS, Visualization & Decision Support
>The MITRE Corp.

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