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From Marlon Pierce <marpi...@iu.edu>
Subject Re: Quality assurance steps for Rave
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 16:01:13 GMT
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I started a checklist of tests at http://wiki.apache.org/rave/ReleaseManagement/QualityAssurance,
as you have seen from the [Rave Wiki] messages.   

* Assuming the user interface tests are done manually, updating the wiki every time would
be cruddy. Is there good test/assurance process management software out there?  Should we
do this with an online (Google) spreadsheet?

* Do we want instead to actively maintain selenium tests?  I started this but let it drop
because these only worked in Firefox, and Firefox's frequent updates broke the tests.  The
tests themselves would have to be actively maintained--if you change or add a user interface
feature, you need to also update the test.

* Are there other recommendations beside Selenium?  


On 4/6/12 3:32 PM, Raminderjeet Singh wrote:
> +1 with Marlon on having a checklist of features. I know going forward this list can
grow and we may need more people to verify the build. 
> Based on my experience doing 0.10 release, Matt and others have done a great job putting
all the steps together into scripts. Thanks!
> After the code freeze announcement, Release manager can tag the current code and verification
can be done on that particular tag. One developer (release manager also) can verify the code
tag for the feature list and if very thing looks good can do the release based on the tag.
Matt can comment more as i have to still understand when the pom versions are updated. 
> Thanks
> Raminder
> On Apr 6, 2012, at 2:53 PM, Marlon Pierce wrote:
> I'd like to propose the following.
> * Develop a list of Rave features that should be tested, put this on the wiki, and update
it every time a new feature is added.  I'm happy to get this started.  Recommendations for
tools to automate some of this are welcome.
> * Regular testing of the above feature list (not just in preparation for releases). 
We would need a record of this (who tested, when, etc).  If we do this manually, we could
keep records by updating the wiki, posting to the dev list, etc.  Recommendations for better
tools are of course welcome.
> * All features should be tested before release by at least one person.  The Release Manager
should coordinate this. We could continue to do this as part of the current Release Candidate
process, but it may be better to have an intermediate SVN tag that can go through QA before
we start an official vote.   This would allow us to keep the trunk open for commits while
we test and avoid canceled releases.
> I'm not a QA expert, so comments welcome.
> Marlon
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