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From Dennis van der Laan <d.g.van.der.l...@rug.nl>
Subject Re: RAVE-90
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 07:34:51 GMT
Wouldn't it suffice to add a switch at the bottom of the screen, making
it possible to switch manually between mobile and desktop view? I
noticed the Asus Transformer is detected as a mobile browser and an iPad
is showing the desktop view. This might be a setting in these browsers,
or in the 'mobile' detection code of spring.

I noticed moving gadgets around is not working on tablets, when in
'desktop' mode. I don't know if this is a limitation on tablets, because
of the touch interface, or because jquery does some detection on his
part and disabling dragging gadgets around. The behavior is fine with
me, although I also believe there will be people who want full
functionality on their tablets.

So besides the difference in layout between mobile and desktop view, I
think there should be a distinction between fully functional (including
configuring the portal) and view-only.


On 23-4-2012 10:11, Jasha Joachimsthal wrote:
> You get the mobile view based on the browser. Now there's a huge difference
> between a Blackberry as a mobile device (small screen, navigation through a
> scroll wheel) and your Asus tablet (enough space, touch interaction). We
> have to work things out what the interaction is for small mobile devices
> like the BB and large devices like tablets. Although the BB has a small
> screen, the scroll wheel needs less space around buttons and links than the
> tablet because a finger is less precise than other input devices.
> On 23 April 2012 09:17, Henny Bekker <Henny.Bekker@surfnet.nl> wrote:
>> Dear RAVE developers,
>> At the mobile portal of RAVE (using Chrome at an ASUS Transformer with
>> Android v5.0.3) the next items needs some attention:
>> - The link to the option menu at the TAB's is missing
>> - The link to the profile page is missing
>> - The gadgets are shown in one column while the ASUS tablet has a
>> resolution
>> of 1280 x 800 (~149 ppi pixel density) and should be able to show the
>> gadgets in 'normal' (not mobile) mode
>> For now, best regards, Henny
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Dennis van der Laan, MSc
Centre for Information Technology
University of Groningen

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