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From Scott Wilson <scott.bradley.wil...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: make shure OpenAjax Hub is ready before Userscripts are executed (wookie)
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2012 12:06:27 GMT
On 3 Sep 2012, at 16:30, Christian Fischer wrote:

> Am 02.09.2012 18:54, schrieb Scott Wilson:
>> On 2 Sep 2012, at 17:08, Christian Fischer wrote:
>>> Am 01.09.2012 11:54, schrieb Scott Wilson:
>>>> On 1 Sep 2012, at 09:20, Christian Fischer wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> Does anyone know how to make shure that the OpenAjax "hub" Instance of
a wookie-iframe-widget is ready and already connected before any user defined scripts are
executed inside the widget?
>>>>> _Sometimes_ it throws the following ErrorMessage then i'm subsribing
to channels by loading the widget.
>>>>> Uncaught Error: OpenAjax.hub.Error.Disconnected
>>>>> For OpenSocial Widgets it's not a problem - these widgets are waiting
until the hub is ready, but wookie not?
>>>> Yes thats right - I don't know what mechanism is used in Shindig for this
but it would make sense to replicate it in Wookie.
>>>> The relevant part of the Wookie feature is this:
>>>> http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/wookie/trunk/features/openajax/
>>> OK, is there a howto to get the wookie sources into the rave maven project?
>>> I'm not familiar with maven.
>>> What must i do to get the wookie sources into my project to use the Custom Build
instead of the wookie-war wich comes with the rave-project?
>> OK, so first you need to change the Wookie version you build Rave with; to do this,
in rave-project/pom.xml change:
>>         <apache.wookie.version>0.10.0-incubating</apache.wookie.version>
>> to:
>>         <apache.wookie.version>0.13.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT</apache.wookie.version>
>> Next, you need to publish your custom Wookie build locally. You can do this from
the root of your Wookie source folder using:
>> ant publish-local
>> This will create a 0.13.0-incubating-SNAPSHOT war in your local Maven repository
(e.g. in ~/.m2/repository/org/apache/wookie)
>> Note however I've seen a bug in Ivy/Ant where this is cached rather than updated
when you make changes, so you may need to delete it  then re-publish whenever you make changes
(which is a pain)
>> If you just want to try out some JavaScript changes interactively, you can run Rave,
then go into rave-portal/target/tomcat6x/webapps/wookie/features and edit OpenAjaxClient.js.
You can then see the effects just by reloading to clear the browser cached version. When you're
happy you've got a good working solution, you can copy it into your source folder then follow
the steps above to try it as part of a new build.
>> Hope this helps,
>> -S
> Hi Scott,
> thanks for the instructions - it worked.
> For the wookie widgets there are only OpenAjax Iframe Container for displaying the widgets
whereas Shindig loads some other components.
> I have cusomized the   wookie/features/openajax/feature.xml and commented out the OpenAjaxClient.js
> Then, connect manually inside the widgets taking care of the callback function from the
> Then the connection is ready, it calls automatically my defined function which subsribes
to the needed topics.
> 	this.connect = function(){
> 		if(typeof window.hub === 'undefined'){
> 			window.hub = new OpenAjax.hub.IframeHubClient({
> 			    HubClient: {
> 			      onSecurityAlert: function(){
> 			    	  console.log("OpenAjax Security Error!");
> 			    	  }
> 			    }
> 			});	
> 			// Connect to the ManagedHub with callback function for asynchronous communication
> 			window.hub.connect(conn.callbackOnConnect);
> 		}
> 		else console.log("OAHub: Hub already defined.");
> 	}
> 	this.callbackOnConnect = function(hub, success, error){
> 		if(success){
> 			console.log("OAHub: Connection successfully established. ");
> 			ConnectionCallBackFunction(); // myfunction
> 		}
> 		else console.log("OAHub: Connection failed.");
> 	}
> For general usage, i think we must use the callback function to wait until the hub is
connected and after that load the content for the window.
> Has someone an idea how to implement this properly, clean and nice into rave :)  (rave_wookie.js)?

Hi Christian,

I've checked in an update to the Wookie feature based on your code - thanks! - plus I added
queuing any pub/sub actions made before the hub is ready then executing them. Its in the Wookie
trunk, and will be in the 0.13 release.


>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Christian

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