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From Matt Franklin <m.ben.frank...@gmail.com>
Subject Documentation & Website
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:56:44 GMT
I saw that Kristin committed the initial Twitter Bootstrapped version
of the website to a branch.  I am going to try and work on this over
the Holidays.

With the UI refresh, I think we need to do some house cleaning on the
documentation.  People are having issues with the basic concepts and
are having trouble understanding where to start [1].

As we slowly tackle the Architectural issues, and move forward toward
a 1.0, I think it will also help to keep the various sandbox recipes
up to date and well documented.  This allows for better community
engagement and hopefully project growth.  I also thought Jasha's early
videos were a great concept.  Maybe we should setup a Youtube channel
for the project?

[1]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13951763/apache-rave-0-1-8-demo-problems-social-gadgets-not-displayed

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