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From Christian Fischer <c.fisc...@cs-hertwig.de>
Subject Re: Inter-Widget communication. Is this possible?
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 07:59:17 GMT
Hi Gonzalo,

For Shindig look at this:


    osapi.container.GadgetHolder.prototype.render = function(gadgetInfo,
    viewParams, renderParams) {

      this.iframeId_ = osapi.container.GadgetHolder.IFRAME_ID_PREFIX_ +


      this.gadgetInfo_ = gadgetInfo;

      this.viewParams_ = viewParams;

      this.renderParams_ = renderParams;

    //  if (this.hasFeature_(gadgetInfo, 'pubsub-2')) {

    //    this.doOaaIframeHtml_();

    //  } else {

    //    this.doNormalIframeHtml_();

    //  }

      this.doOaaIframeHtml_();  // Always use OpenAjax Iframes


For wookie at the moment I don't excactly know the source for this, but
have a look at


under the section

private void addFeatures(IHtmlProcessor engine,W3CWidget model) (...)

there, the Feature where added to the widgets/containers and thus, also
a special iframe should be used. Again: read the OpenAjax Documentation ;)

BTW: its useful to build a sparate/individual wookie and shindig build
for rave to understand the workflow (for me it was so).

Greets, Christian

Am 01.07.2013 09:18, schrieb Gonzalo Aguilar Delgado:
> Hi Scott,
> Thank you a lot for your directions. I will take a look. It looks
> quite interesting since W3C wookie widgets are loaded in a IFrame that
> cannot access the main page.
> So a widget that's loaded by Rave will not be able to access anything
> inside that main page. I'm curious about how Rave circumvents this.
> Thank's again, and best regards,
> El 28/06/13 10:52, Scott Wilson escribió:
>> W3C Provider module in Rave

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