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From Adrian <darkspin...@hotmail.com>
Subject Problem with extended portal
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 18:21:42 GMT

Hi, since I dont receive any solutions in the users forum , I want to =
ask to the main devs here if someone know why I can=92t create an =
extended portal with rave using 0.22 or 0.23-SNAPSHOT, I=92ll explain =
what I do.

First I went to a thread in the users forum that explains how to install =
the custom portal without any problems, I follow all the steps there =
mentioned: 1.- download the latests build from svn 2.- execute $mvn =
clean install 3.- execute mvn archetype:generate (without arguments) to =
access 0.23-SNAPSHOT, but then here I=92m only able to see until 0.22 =
and not 0.23-SNAPSHOT, I know that it works because one of my teammates =
did it without problems doing the same steps.=20

The other try I did is to use 0.22 but always I go to localhost:8080 or =
localhost:8080/portal/ I obtain a 404 error.

So could anybody help me ?? :D thx before all.

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