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From "Merrill, Matt" <mmerr...@mitre.org>
Subject Locked domain suffix - %authority% replacement warning
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 20:53:54 GMT
Hi all,

I’m having an issue getting locked domains to work with Rave 0.23 and shindig 2.5.0-beta5.
  I have read the rave configuring locked domains page already (https://rave.apache.org/documentation/configure-locked-domain.html)
and have used it as a basis for my setup.

I am getting the following statement in the logs:
level=WARN logger=org.apache.shindig.gadgets.HashLockedDomainService You should not be using
%authority% replacement in a running environment!
level=WARN logger=org.apache.shindig.gadgets.HashLockedDomainService Check your config and
specify an explicit locked domain suffix.
level=WARN logger=org.apache.shindig.gadgets.HashLockedDomainService Found suffix: %authority%

No matter what I do for configuration in container.js, I’m getting this output.   Before
I emailed the Shindig list, I wanted to ask the Rave list about this since I know that Rave
augments or overrides a lot of the shindig configuration. Is Rave doing anything to override
shindig’s locked domain configuration?  I couldn’t seem to find anything but wanted to

Locked domains appear to be working correctly even with this log message spitting out, but
the log message makes me wonder if my configuration is correct.  I have searched in my codebase
far and wide to see if “%authority%” is present anywhere and it is not.  I’ve even looked
at the default shindig container.js file to see where that string is specified and made sure
that I’ve overridden those properties ("default.domain.locked.client", "default.domain.locked.server",

I’m pasting relevant portions of the container.js configuration below (cleansed of real
url’s).  Does anyone have any idea why this might be being spit out?


Portion of container.js configuration:
"gadgets.iframeBaseUri" : "/gmodules/gadgets/ifr",
"gadgets.uri.iframe.basePath" : "/gmodules/gadgets/ifr",

"gadgets.jsUriTemplate" : "http://${Cur['gadgets.uri.iframe.unlockedDomain']}/gmodules/gadgets/js/%js%",

"default.domain.locked.client" : "OBSCURED.com:9999",
"default.domain.locked.server" : "OBSCURED.com:9999",
"default.domain.unlocked.client" : "OBSCURED.com:9999",
"default.domain.unlocked.server" : "OBSCURED.com:9999",

"gadgets.uri.iframe.lockedDomainRequired" : true,
"gadgets.uri.iframe.lockedDomainSuffix" :  ".OBSCURED.com:9999",
"gadgets.uri.iframe.unlockedDomain" : "OBSCURED.com:9999",
"gadgets.uri.iframe.basePath" : "/gmodules/gadgets/ifr",

"gadgets.uri.js.host" : "//${Cur['gadgets.uri.iframe.unlockedDomain']}",
"gadgets.uri.js.path" : "/gmodules/gadgets/js",
"gadgets.uri.oauth.callbackTemplate" : "//%host%/gmodules/gadgets/oauthcallback",
"gadgets.osDataUri" : "http://%host%/gmodules/rpc",

"gadgets.securityTokenType" : "secure",
"gadgets.securityTokenKey" : "file:///OBSCURED.txt",

"defaultShindigTestHost": "http://OBSCURED.com:9999",

"defaultShindigProxyConcatAuthority": "OBSCURED.com:9999",

"gadgets.uri.concat.host" : "${Cur['gadgets.uri.iframe.unlockedDomain']}",
"gadgets.uri.concat.path" : "/gmodules/gadgets/concat",
"gadgets.uri.concat.js.splitToken" : "false",

"gadgets.uri.proxy.host" : "${Cur['gadgets.uri.iframe.unlockedDomain']}",
"gadgets.uri.proxy.path" : "/gmodules/gadgets/proxy",

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