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From Avi Flax <>
Subject Forward JMX Metrics to New Relic?
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2016 22:02:07 GMT
Hello all,

I’m new to Samza and I’m going to be implementing some stream
processing jobs for a client who is also new to Samza. My client uses
New Relic (NR) for metrics and I’d like to get Samza’s metrics
forwarding over to their NR account if possible. I’m just posting here
to get a quick sanity check from someone on what I have in mind. I
don’t really get YARN yet so I could be just completely off in my

It’s my understanding that YARN will start a JVM for each
SamzaContainer, which is essentially the application which actually
does most of the processing work. I’m thinking therefore that maybe
each SamzaContainer JVM could load the NR Java Agent[1] via the
`-javaagent` argument, then each job/task (not sure) would publish
metrics via JMX which will then be forwarded to NR as specified in a
local YAML file [2].

Does that make any sense? Does it seems reasonable? Is there a better way?

I’d really appreciate any help with this!




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