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From Cheng Lian <>
Subject Re: Understanding shuffle file name conflicts
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:40:19 GMT
Hi Jerry & Josh

It has been a while since the last time I looked into Spark core shuffle 
code, maybe I’m wrong here. But the shuffle ID is created along with 
ShuffleDependency, which is part of the RDD DAG. So if we submit 
multiple jobs over the same RDD DAG, I think the shuffle IDs in these 
jobs should duplicate. For example:

|val  dag  =  sc.parallelize(Array(1,2,3)).map(i => i -> i).reduceByKey(_ + _)

 From the debug log output, I did see duplicated shuffle IDs in both 
jobs. Something like this:

|# Job 1
15/03/25 19:26:34 DEBUG BlockStoreShuffleFetcher: Fetching outputs for shuffle 0, reduce 2

# Job 2
15/03/25 19:26:36 DEBUG BlockStoreShuffleFetcher: Fetching outputs for shuffle 0, reduce 5

So it’s also possible that some shuffle output files get reused in 
different jobs. But Kannan, did you submit separate jobs over the same 
RDD DAG as I did above? If not, I’d agree with Jerry and Josh.

(Did I miss something here?)


On 3/25/15 10:35 AM, Saisai Shao wrote:

> Hi Kannan,
> As I know the shuffle Id in ShuffleDependency will be increased, so even if
> you run the same job twice, the shuffle dependency as well as shuffle id is
> different, so the shuffle file name which is combined by
> (shuffleId+mapId+reduceId) will be changed, so there's no name conflict
> even in the same directory as I know.
> Thanks
> Jerry
> 2015-03-25 1:56 GMT+08:00 Kannan Rajah <>:
>> I am working on SPARK-1529. I ran into an issue with my change, where the
>> same shuffle file was being reused across 2 jobs. Please note this only
>> happens when I use a hard coded location to use for shuffle files, say
>> "/tmp". It does not happen with normal code path that uses DiskBlockManager
>> to pick different directories for each run. So I want to understand how
>> DiskBlockManager guarantees that such a conflict will never happen.
>> Let's say the shuffle block id has a value of shuffle_0_0_0. So the data
>> file name is and index file name is shuffle_0_0_0.index.
>> If I run a spark job twice, one after another, these files get created
>> under different directories because of the hashing logic in
>> DiskBlockManager. But the hash is based off the file name, so how are we
>> sure that there won't be a conflict ever?
>> --
>> Kannan

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