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From Sean Owen <>
Subject Any guidance on when to back port and how far?
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:13:11 GMT
So far, my rule of thumb has been:

- Don't back-port new features or improvements in general, only bug fixes
- Don't back-port minor bug fixes
- Back-port bug fixes that seem important enough to not wait for the
next minor release
- Back-port site doc changes to the release most likely to go out
next, to make it a part of the next site publish

But, how far should back-ports go, in general? If the last minor
release was 1.N, then to branch 1.N surely. Farther back is a question
of expectation for support of past minor releases. Given the pace of
change and time available, I assume there's not much support for
continuing to use release 1.(N-1) and very little for 1.(N-2).

Concretely: does anyone expect a 1.1.2 release ever? a 1.2.2 release?
It'd be good to hear the received wisdom explicitly.

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