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From Yogesh Mahajan <>
Subject Re: CQs on WindowedStream created on running StreamingContext
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2015 16:59:40 GMT
Anyone knows about this ? TD ?


> On 30-Sep-2015, at 1:25 pm, Yogs <> wrote:
> Hi, 
> We intend to run adhoc windowed continuous queries on spark streaming data. The queries
could be registered/deregistered dynamically or can be submitted through command line. Currently
Spark streaming doesn’t allow adding any new inputs, transformations, and output operations
after starting a StreamingContext. But doing following code changes in DStream.scala allows
me to create an window on DStream even after StreamingContext has started (in StreamingContextState.ACTIVE).

> 1) In DStream.validateAtInit()
> Allowed adding new inputs, transformations, and output operations after starting a streaming
> 2) In DStream.persist()
> Allowed to change storage level of an DStream after streaming context has started
> Ultimately the window api just does slice on the parentRDD and returns allRDDsInWindow.
> We create DataFrames out of these RDDs from this particular WindowedDStream, and evaluate
queries on those DataFrames. 
> 1) Do you see any challenges and consequences with this approach ? 
> 2) Will these on the fly created WindowedDStreams be accounted properly in Runtime and
memory management?
> 3) What is the reason we do not allow creating new windows with StreamingContextState.ACTIVE
> 4) Does it make sense to add our own implementation of WindowedDStream in this case?
> - Yogesh 

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