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From Arijit <>
Subject RE: Understanding code/closure shipment to Spark workers‏
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2015 22:23:03 GMT
Hi Xiao,
Thank you very much for the pointers. I looked into the part of the code. I now understand
how the main method is invoked. Still not clear how is the code distributed to the executors.
Is it the whole jar or some serialized object. I was expecting to see the part of the code
where the closures are serialized and shipped. Maybe I am missing something.
Thanks again, Arijit
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 10:26:55 -0700
Subject: Re: Understanding code/closure shipment to Spark workers‏

Hi, Arijit, 
The code flow of spark-submit is simple. 
Enter the main function of SparkSubmit.scala     --> case SparkSubmitAction.SUBMIT =>
submit(appArgs)    --> doRunMain() in function submit() in the same file 
    --> runMain(childArgs,...) in the same file    --> mainMethod.invoke(null, childArgs.toArray)
 in the same file 
Function Invoke() is provided by JAVA Reflection for invoking the main function of your JAR.

Hopefully, it can help you understand the problem. 
Xiao Li

2015-10-07 16:47 GMT-07:00 Arijit <>:

I want to understand the code flow starting from the Spark jar that I submit through spark-submit,
how does Spark identify and extract the closures, clean and serialize them and ship them to
workers to execute as tasks. Can someone point me to any documentation or a pointer to the
source code path to help me understand this.
Thanks, Arijit 		 	   		  

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