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From Iulian Dragoș <>
Subject Scala 2.11 builds broken/ Can the PR build run also 2.11?
Date Thu, 08 Oct 2015 13:40:03 GMT
Since Oct. 4 the build fails on 2.11 with the dreaded

[error] /home/ubuntu/workspace/Apache Spark (master) on
no valid targets for annotation on value conf - it is discarded
unused. You may specify targets with meta-annotations, e.g.
@(transient @param)
[error] private[netty] class NettyRpcEndpointRef(@transient conf: SparkConf)

Can we have the pull request builder at least build with 2.11? This makes
#8433 <> pretty much useless,
since people will continue to add useless @transient annotations.

Iulian Dragos

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