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From Al Pivonka <>
Subject Dev Environment (again)
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2015 15:22:05 GMT
I've read through the mail archives and read the different threads.

I believe there is a great deal of value in teaching others.

I'm a 14yr vet of Java and would like to contribute to different Spark
projects. Here are my dilemmas:

1)    How does one quickly get a working environment up and running?

What do I mean by environment?

   1.  I have an IDE – Not a problem I can build using sbt.
   2. Environment to me is a working standalone spark cluster (Docker)
   which I can take what I build from #1 and re-deploy to test out my changes
   3. What are the dependencies between projects internal to Spark?

How to on-board a new developer and make them productive as soon as

Not looking for answers to just these questions/dilemmas.

There is a wealth of knowledge here (existing Spark & sub-projects

My proposal, is to document the onboarding process and dependencies for a
new contributor, what someone will need in order to get working dev
environment up and running for the purposes of being able to add/test new
functionality to the Spark project. Also document how to setup a test
environment in order to deploy and test out said new functionality


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