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From Guillaume Pitel <>
Subject Decrease shuffle in TreeAggregate with coalesce ?
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:46:53 GMT

I've been looking at the code of RDD.treeAggregate, because we've seen a 
huge performance drop between 1.5.2 and 1.6.1 on a treeReduce. I think 
the treeAggregate code hasn't changed, so my message is not about the 
performance drop, but a more general remark about treeAggregate.

In treeAggregate, after the aggregate is applied inside original 
partitions, we enter the tree :

	while (numPartitions > scale + math.ceil(numPartitions.toDouble / 
scale)) {

	numPartitions /= scale

	val curNumPartitions = numPartitions

	*partiallyAggregated **=**partiallyAggregated.mapPartitionsWithIndex {*

	*(i, iter) **=>** **%**curNumPartitions, _))*

	}.reduceByKey(new HashPartitioner(curNumPartitions), cleanCombOp).values


The two lines where the partitions are numbered then renumbered, then 
reducedByKey seems below optimality to me. There is a huge shuffle cost, 
while a simple coalesce followed by a partition-level aggregation would 
probably perfectly do the job.

Have I missed something that requires to do this reshuffle ?

Best regards
Guillaume Pitel

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