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From "FangFang Chen" <>
Subject 回复:Re: 回复:Spark sql and hive into different result with same sql
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2016 06:34:44 GMT
maybe I found the root cause from spark doc:
"Unlimited precision decimal columns are no longer supported, instead Spark SQL enforces a
maximum precision of 38. When inferring schema from BigDecimal objects, a precision of (38,
18) is now used. When no precision is specified in DDL then the default remainsDecimal(10,
I got decimal(38,18) when describe this table, while got decimal when show create this table.
Seems spark is getting the scheme information based on create table side. Correct?
Is there any workaround to resolve this problem? Beside alter hive table column type from
decimal to decimal with precision.


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在2016年04月20日 20:47,Ted Yu 写道:
Do you mind trying out build from master branch ?

1.5.3 is a bit old.

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 5:25 AM, FangFang Chen <> wrote:

I found spark sql lost precision, and handle data as int with some rule. Following is data
got via hive shell and spark sql, with same sql to same hive table:
Spark sql:
Seems the handle rule is: when decimal point data <0.5 then to 0, when decimal point data>=0.5
then to 1.

Is this a bug or some configuration thing? Please give some suggestions. Thanks

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在2016年04月20日 18:45,FangFang Chen 写道:
The output is:
Spark SQ:6828127

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在2016年04月20日 18:06,FangFang Chen 写道:
Hi all,
Please give some suggestions. Thanks

With following same sql, spark sql and hive give different result. The sql is sum(decimal(38,18))
Select sum(column) from table;
column is defined as decimal(38,18).

Spark version:1.5.3
Hive version:2.0.0

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